Za’atar Chicken & Pearl Couscous with Pink Lemon Compote

Fresh lemon gives a bit of zing to this Middle Eastern style dish of Za’atar spiced chicken on a bed of pearl couscous and asparagus....

Overall rating: 9/10


Rating: 9/10

The final result was a wholly satisfying and Springy dish

Spring has finally sprung. Everywhere in mid-Coast Maine, flowers are pushing their heads out of the ground in stubborn defiance of the lingering chilly temperatures. After returning from a sunny albeit chilly stroll to take in all the fresh flora, I was happy to return home to cook up this Za’atar Chicken topped with a pink lemon compote. Simple, light, but bursting with juicy flavor, this meal tasted like the best elements of Spring, citrus and fresh greens, but had enough substance to satiate.


Rating: 7/10

  • Asparagus: This green stalk does more than just your urine smell rank, one cup cooked boasts 100{2646a176311491570739a13dd319592155ac9cdba4632368aea58c38c45c78aa} of your Vitamin K, which helps your body with blood clotting and boosts bone health. It also is high in folate, which is a key vitamin for women’s reproductive health, among other benefits.
  • Pink Lemon: Lemons, like most citruses, are an excellent source of Vitamin C, an important antioxidant.
  • Chicken: Chicken breasts are an excellent option for getting lean protein, which is a critical nutrient for dozens of bodily functions. In fact, when compared with other meats, chicken has the highest concentration of protein per ounce, which is why so many fitness enthusiasts tout grilled chicken as a diet staple.
  • Couscous: For years I mistook couscous to be a grain; I was sorely disappointed to later learn that is was in fact a pasta. A ½ cup of pearl couscous has 220 calories, and not much other nutritional value aside from providing 13{2646a176311491570739a13dd319592155ac9cdba4632368aea58c38c45c78aa} of your daily carbohydrates and 6 grams of protein.


Rating: 10/10

Eureka! This pink lemon was so tangy and delicious

Blue Apron just keeps impressing my palette with new, untried flavors. I had never even heard of Eureka lemons until this box arrived – who knew you could make non-artificial pink lemonade?! I was also left wondering why Za’atar and Aleppo Pepper have never seen the inside of my spice cabinet. Such great Middle Eastern flavors. Per usual, the ingredients were all fresh and delicious.

Ease of Prep

Rating: 10/10

If I can track down Za’atar, I’ll be making this one again soon.

Thank you Blue Apron for having the foresight to pound out these chicken breasts ahead of time. That is the worst part of chicken prep in my opinion, and having it already done made my life easier. This unfussy recipe was cooked up and plated in just 30 minutes. Would definitely make again! Like this review? See more of our Blue Apron reviews here.


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