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Healthy, Plant-Based Meal Plans

Purple Carrot is an exclusively plant-based meal delivery service, which means its ideal for vegans, vegetarians, and even the daring carnivore who wants to try something new. Eating a plant-based diet (meaning it contains zero animal products) is shown to reduce risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and depression, while also reducing your environmental footprint. If you think cooking without traditional meat proteins sounds too difficult or will leave you feeling unsatisfied, then think again. The folks at Purple Carrot create innovative plant-based recipes using fresh ingredients that leave you feeling full of energy to power through life. Choose from 2-serving and 4-serving dinner plans, then add-on breakfast, lunch, and snack options for all-day energy!

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Purple Carrot FAQ:

How much does Purple Carrot cost?

Purple Carrot offers two basic plans - the 2-serving plan and the 4-serving plan. The 2-serving plan is $11.99 per serving, while the 4-serving plan is $9.99 per serving. See pricing details below:

2-Serving Plan

Servings Per MealDinners Per WeekCost per ServingCost per Box

4-Serving Plan

Servings Per MealDinners Per WeekCost per ServingCost per Box
Shipping on all plans is FREE! Additionally, you can add breakfast, lunch, and snacks to your box.
  • Breakfast entrees: 4 servings at $4.49/serving
  • Lunch entrees: 2 servings at $8.99/serving
  • Assorted snacks: between $4-$12 (see site for latest offerings)

How many calories are in the typical Purple Carrot meal?

Most Purple Carrot lunch and dinner recipes are between 400-800 calories per serving, while breakfast entrees average around 400 calories,

How long does it take to cook a Purple Carrot meal?

Purple Carrot dinners take between 25-35 minutes to prepare, while breakfasts and lunches take between 5-15 minutes.

When are Purple Carrot meals delivered?

Meals are delivered on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, depending on your zip code.

How much does shipping cost?

With Purple Carrot, shipping is always FREE!

Where does Purple Carrot deliver?

Purple Carrot delivers everywhere in the contiguous U.S.

How do you skip a week of Purple Carrot meals?

To skip a delivery, do so by going to the Upcoming Menus tab of your Account Settings. You must skip a delivery by 11:59 p.m. EST the Tuesday prior to your next scheduled shipment.

How do you cancel Purple Carrot?

To cancel your Purple Carrot subscription, log-in, then go to Account Settings > Subscription Status > Change > Cancel Account.

How do you contact Purple Carrot?

Reach out via phone or chat Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST or via email 24/7.
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1 review

  1. sands

    poor customer service

    I have been using purple carrot TB 12 for a couple of months. The food is very healthy and mostly fresh.
    Unfortunately they have elected to use On Trac which is incapable of delivering on time.
    Most people that use this service are doing so to save time. When you come home and expect 3 meals to be delivered and they are at least 24 hrs late it ends of taking more time.
    Great food. horrible customer service.


Sponsored Promotion
Purple Carrot $30 Off Your First Order

$9.99 $7.49 per serving

Use code: carrot30

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