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Seasonal, pre-portioned ingredients with rotating menu of recipes.

Marley Spoon meal delivery offers customers the opportunity to whip amazing meals just like its brand ambassador, America’s domestic diva, Martha Stewart. Using seasonal ingredients and Martha’s best recipes, this meal delivery service allows you to cook delicious, homemade meals without the fuss of meal planning or grocery shopping. In your weekly box, you’ll find pre-portioned ingredients sorted by meal, along with step-by-step instructions for each recipe approved by Martha Stewart herself. Choose from the 2- or 4-person box, and receive deliveries of 2-4 meals each week. The menu updates weekly, so you can choose the recipes that best suit your taste profile (some vegetarian options are available). Why try this service over rival meal kits like Home Chef and Blue Apron? Read our full review below!

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Marley Spoon FAQ:

How much does Marley Spoon cost?

Both meal plans come with either 2, 3, or 4 meals per week. The 2-person meal kit costs between $41.00-$67.92 per box and between $8.49-10.25 per portion. The 4-person plan costs between $67.92-$111.84 per box and between $6.99-$8.49 per portion. Note, shipping is an additional $8.99 per box.

2-Person Plan Pricing

Meals Per WeekPrice per ServingPrice per Box

4-Person Plan Pricing

Meals Per WeekPrice per ServingPrice per Box
Shipping and handling are an additional $8.99 per box.

How many calories are in the typical Marley Spoon meal?

Varies by dish, but when we checked the nutrition info on the latest menu, most recipes were between 600-1100 calories per serving. For example, these Cheesy Veggie Calzones have 886 calories. This meal kit does offer healthier low-calorie and low-carb options on the menu each week.

How long does it take to cook a Marley Spoon meal?

While cooking time varies by recipe, most Martha Marley Spoon meals are designed to be ready in under 40 minutes. Each week, the menu also features several recipes tagged "Under 30 Minutes" that are ready in 15-30 minutes, making it easy to get dinner on the table quickly. This Sesame Ginger Beef Stir-fry can be whipped up between 20-30 minutes. After cooking a gourmet dinner, you'll still have plenty of time to watch re-runs of your favorite Martha Stewart episodes.

When are Marley Spoon meals delivered?

Varies by location - To get exact delivery times and days available for your area, select a plan, then enter your zip.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is $8.99 per box.

Where does Marley Spoon deliver?

Marley Spoon delivers to most of the contiguous U.S. You can double check availability in your area during the sign-up process.

How do you skip a week of Marley Spoon meals?

Skip a week's delivery at least 5 days before the next scheduled delivery day. This meal kit offers users the flexibility of adjusting their delivery schedules up to seven weeks in advance.

How do you cancel Marley Spoon?

Cancel online by logging into your account and navigating to "My Settings". For additional questions, contact customer service via email or phone.

How do you contact Marley Spoon?

Customer service is available 24 hours/day.
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If you’ve long envied Martha Stewart’s domestic and culinary prowess, then Marley Spoon is the meal box for you. Martha teamed up with Marley Spoon to bring Americans a meal kit that enables ordinary folks to cook delightful meals that look Martha-worthy and taste even better. This meal kit is fantastic for people without many dietary constraints who enjoy hearty, delicious homecooked meals. Curious to know more? Keep reading below.Already intrigued? Click “Claim Deal” now to lock-in the best Martha Marley Spoon promo code available. Read More

Marley Spoon Plans

This meal kit offers two plans. The plan for two people is perfect for couples or roommates. And, even though the four-person plan is designed for families, it's also great for having friends over or for enjoying leftovers. Both plans come with 2, 3, or 4 recipes each week and offer the flexibility of adjusting the amount if your food needs vary from week-to-week. The plan for two people is between $8.49-$10.25 per portion, while the four-person box is between $6.99-$8.49 per portion. Want to try your first foray with this Martha Stewart meal kit for less? Check out the latest discount offer by clicking “Claim Deal” below. Marley Spoon will automatically apply the promo code at checkout. marley-spoon-first-box-discount-promo-code

Marley Spoon Menu


Each week, subscribers choose from 22 recipes (20 lunch/dinner entrees and two smoothie recipes) from five major categories: Health & Diet, Vegetarian & Vegan, Meat & Fish, Under 30-Minutes, and Family-Friendly. This is far more selection than many meal kit services offer (for example, Blue Apron only has 11 menu items each week). Marley Spoon does have plenty of meal options to create an entirely Vegetarian box. However, if you’re following a specific diet plan (like keto or paleo) or have severe food allergies (i.e., nuts or gluten), this may not be the best meal delivery kit for you. If you're looking for a plan to adhere with a strict diet, you may want to try Sun Basket.We love the way this meal kit tags each recipe, so it’s easy to find recipes that meet specific criteria. For example, you can easily see all the meals that are gluten-free, dairy-free, low-calorie, etc. Tags on this Roasted Gnocchi indicates that it's vegetarian, kid-friendly, and fast (one-pot & under 30 minutes) – and doesn’t it look yummy?!martha-marley-spoon-meal-roasted-veggie-gnocchiWe found that Martha Marley Spoon portions tend to be more substantial and calorie-dense than many of its competitors. Since my husband and I are both runners, this is a huge plus, because we need the generous portions to power our workouts. However, if you’re counting calories or carbs, there are also plenty of menu options geared towards healthy eating. For example, this week’s menu features a Parmesan-Rosemary Pork Tenderloin (630 calories and 52g of carbs per portion) and a Low-Carb Chicken Fajita Casserole (620 calories and 22g of carbs per portion), which both look divine. After making your selections and choosing your delivery date, Marley Spoon ships the food directly to your doorstep, so you can start cooking like Martha Stewart without having to visit the grocery store!


Marley Spoon also offers some add-on options to make your meals stretch further. Add meat and seafood protein packs to your order, or try one of the seasonal recipes or desserts that Marley Spoon occasionally offers.

Packaging and Shipping

Marley Spoon ships to most zip codes in the lower 48, unless you live in some off-grid location out in the boonies. Visit the website and enter your zip code and email address to see if they deliver to your area. Once you do this, you can also view your delivery day options. marley-spoon-deliveryIn our area, we can choose from delivery on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. No matter where you live, shipping is a flat $8.99 per box.Thanks to Marley Spoon’s packaging, food stays fresh even if you’re not home to receive the delivery. And, even better, according to the company's recycling instructions, 100% of the packaging is recyclable, right down to the ice packs.
  • Boxes, paper bags, and box insulation liner: These items are all 100% paper and can go in any paper recycling bin.
  • Plastic bags, cool pouch plastic film, and ice pack plastic: These plastic items can all go to any recycling facility that collects #4 plastics.
  • Cotton insulation: Recycle this natural insulation at any facility that accepts #60 cotton.
  • Bottles and containers: These food vessels are #1 plastics, which most recycling programs accept.
  • Foil pouch: Recycle this pouch anywhere that takes #7 plastics.
 Every week, you'll receive a Martha Marley Spoon box filled with all the farm-fresh ingredients and meat products (along with spices and items you may not have in your pantry like herbs de provence and red wine vinegar) to create dishes that promise to get you out of your cooking rut. All you need on-hand are basics like salt and olive oil! From smothered pork chops with cheddar grits and green beans to sriacha butter shrimp with coconut rice, this meal plan delivers incredible-tasting meals with relative ease. This meal service pre-sorts the ingredients you'll need by recipe, so it's simple to see what you need for a given meal. Each shipment includes easy to follow recipe cards that explain each recipe in just six concise steps. The cards also include photos to reinforce proper cooking techniques. After you're finished cooking, you can toss the recipe cards or keep them for future reference. Note, Marley Spoon also publishes all of its recipes online for free. So, if you regret not ordering last week's coconut shrimp masala, you can still access the cooking instructions later with the online recipe card!

Martha & Marley Spoon Review

Our full review is coming soon! In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you! Have you given Martha Stewart’s meal kit a try? Leave your rating and feedback below!Still thinking about trying this meal delivery service? Click the “Claim Deal” link to view the current Marley Spoon promo code and get a discount on your first order!

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26 Marley Spoon reviews

  1. TravelingT

    Best meal kit service

    I see some of the other reviews for Marley Spoon and can say my experience was completely different. I have used 4 different meal kit services and MS has been the best. The quality of the ingredients, the variety of recipes, and their ability to actually send what is needed has been consistent. They are also very good about pro-actively communicating when something might negatively impact delivery or box contents. If I were to pick one thing I didn’t like it would be that some of the desserts can be a little meh. Overall, Marley Spoon is a winner.


  2. Anonymous

    Meal kit arrived 6 days after scheduled. “Customer service” couldn’t figure out if it had ever been sent. I had to dispose of rotting food that you could smell before box was even opened.


  3. Grace L

    Get Hello Fresh Instead

    They were late 2/3 of the weeks I ordered from them which is annoying because they don’t even tell you until like 4-6pm the day you’re supposed to get it that it’s not coming so now I have to go to the grocery last minute to get food. Also, it’s just okay quality. Hello fresh is way better in taste and customer service in my opinion, I’ll be switching back.


  4. T Ros

    Not worth the hassle

    My first box arrived as promised on time but some of the fresh herbs were brown and during shipping my ingredients burst causing me to have to buy replacements. The box after that arrived a day after its expected date and the protein had gone bad. My next box was canceled due to weather, and the box after that arrived late which was extremely inconvenient considering I wanted it delivered on that day due to my schedule. My most recent box never even made it to me and I and never received any word it wouldn’t arrive. Do not buy!!!


  5. Anonymous

    My first box arrived as promised on time but some of the fresh herbs were brown and during shipping my ingredients burst causing me to have to buy replacements. My second box arrived late which was an inconvenience due to my work schedule, since I planned on it arriving when I was working from home. My next box was canceled due to weather, and the box after theat was scheduled to arrive at the correct date and time… and never did. Do not buy!!!


  6. Ryan L.

    Save yourself time and headaches, order from somewhere else!!!

    They don’t deliver on the day you choose, your box comes day to days later. Ingredients inedible and you have to toss whole meals. Customer service is a nightmare. And once you cancel they fraudulently charge your card anyway and tell you there’s nothing they can do about it.


  7. Anonymous

    Fraudulent charges, just barely edible food, damaged packages that don’t show up on time! Horrible customer service! Save yourself time pick another company!!!

    After our first order everything went down hill!!! First our box didn’t show up until the day after we were scheduled, the cold packs were defrosted and one had exploded. Which left some ingredients unusable and everything else was covered with slime. So after washing what we could and disposing of the rest we were offered our shipping back. Unacceptable. Then after days of waiting for supervisors to call us back and get more back than shipping since one meal was completely ruined they offered us the cost of that meal. So we accepted that. Then I got an email that they couldn’t charge our card??? So our next shipment wasn’t coming???!!!! Our card was completely fine. So we just decided to end the service completely. And talked to a supervisor and told her that. Then this past weekend (after we have already signed up with a new company) I looked at my credit card and we were charged again… on the card that they couldn’t charge before after we had already quit. Marley Spoon charged us fraudulently and their customer service is awful. And the food was only mediocre. Do not use this company!!! Too many others to choose from!!!


  8. Kat

    The worst delivery food service ever.

    The worst delivery food service ever. My vegetables were always spoiled or I never received them. Delivery dates are never accurate. And the recipes call for things I don’t normally have on hand like vinegar which is in every recipe. All the other boxes I tried includes a small sample of vinegar to use in these recipes. Don’t waste your money!



    Marley Spoon has saved my dInnertime nightmare!!

    Marley Spoon has helped take the frustration out of cooking dinner. It is fun, easy, fast and allows me to eat healthy, tasty food I love at home. I have never enjoyed cooking much because my experience is very limited. These meal kits are well prepared with everything you need along with smart instructions (with pictures!). I am saving money on food each month, I don’t have as much food waste and I feel healthier and happier. I love all the different options each week.
    I really love good food and was suffering since my young kids are very finicky. Eating what they eat was depressing. Now they see my husband and I eat more interesting, healthy meals and that hopefully will help them become more experimental and open to different foods as they grow.


  10. Anonymous

    Good food but delivery execution needs to improve

    Overall we are very happy with this service. They provide good meals in reasonable quantities. BUT, we have experienced some late shipments, some missing ingredients, and an occasional rotten ingredient. Due to Covid-19 they have seen record growth which leads to significant challenges. Although they have been slow to react to emails at times, they have always been very responsive to phone calls and provided appropriate compensation for issues that came up.


  11. Anonymous

    Marley Spoon is tops in our opinion

    I don’t usually take the time to leave reviews; however, we have never had any issues with Marley Spoon and it is our favorite meal service out of Sun Basket, Hello Fresh, and Blue Apron (my preferences in order over the past 2 years).

    My fiancé is a chef and in his opinion the quality of the food received from Marley Spoon is the best of the boxed meals services we’ve tried. I can vouch that nothing has ever been missing or ruined which happened with every single order from Blue Apron. We have also been very happy with Marley Spoon’s meal selections and recipes.

    The issues we had with the other meal services were rectified by the companies with meal credits or refunds, so I don’t have any complaints but know how disappointing and aggravating it is to receive a meal order that is missing items, ruined, etc. We order solely from Marley Spoon for boxed meals because they are tops in our opinion.

    For what it’s worth, as to orders during COVID, we haven’t ordered from any other meal service than Marley Spoon, but I know for a fact there are major disruptions with food distributors because we’re in the industry. Considering this as well, we are more than pleased with Marley Spoon’s quality.


  12. Nicole Harper

    Do not switch from a happy place because it’s not worth it.

    I would leave negative stars. Email bounces back and their phone number never gets answered because they are always outside of normal business hours no matter what time it is. Contacting my bank to get my money back and claim fraud. How disappointing. I love hello fresh and have never had issues with them. Too bad I was a jerk and decided to try something new. Back I go to hello fresh!!!

    On 6/9 you pulled money from my checking account and yet no food was delivered. On 6/17 another withdrawal from my checking account and yet not one box has been delivered to my home. I call your 866 phone number to get a recorded message from Martha Stewart telling me I’m calling outside of business hours and to contact your company via email!!! Yeah cuz that works so great right? So how long will you continue to steal money from my account?


  13. Anonymous

    Do not use Marley Spoon...

    We had used Marley Spoon for two weeks and it’s been terrible. The very first bag was entirely wrong. We ordered three meals and only received two, one of which was entirely wrong. Ultimately, on the very first week, we had one meal that we ordered.

    The second week was a little better, we actually received all three of our meals this time! Only this time, the ingredients inside are torn/otherwise next to unusable (broken tortillas on the first one we opened). The box that we received the meals in was pretty badly damaged with a whole garlic clove rolling around loose inside of the box as well as a busted open pre packaged sauce that was all over the inside of the box.

    We have called their customer service and it was not a good experience either.

    The only reason that I’m giving this 2-stars instead of 1 is because the one meal that we’ve actually had was good.


  14. Diana Prickett

    Incorrect meals or ingredients.

    The meals I receive are very good, but that is if I receive the correct meals and the correct ingredients. Whoever they have putting the meals together does a terrible job. I have brought this to their attention now on 3 different deliveries. they will give you a small credit or credit your next meal, but that is not solving the problem. It is sometimes missing ingredients, bad vegetables and this time I order food for 6 people and got 3 different 2 person meals with no meat for any of them. It is very frustrating and the lack of concern from their customer service department does not help.


  15. Anonymous

    Broken Tortillas- ruined dinner

    Disappointed in customer service and my broken tortillas. I wrote twice and have received no response after 3 days. I had no others in the house and the ones sent were not usable. Dinner was peanut butter. I will not order from this company again.


  16. Anonymous

    No Customer Service ,

    Ever Since the pandemic there is no customer service i have had numerous of boxes damaged and ingredients damaged or missing . I Left several Emails And no one responds for Over $100 a week where’s my customer Service.


  17. Anonymous

    Small servings, crappy ingredients, worse customer service

    Missing ingredients on a regular basis, actually received a box missing a full bag of ingredients for a meal. portion sizes specific to the side dishes were not enough to feed 1, let alone 2 people. Last night I made one of the dishes with broccoli on the side and the broccoli for 2 people totaled 1/4 a cup, for us to split, 1/8th cup each. The Steak that was used in delivery was so chewy it was inedible. Customer service was useless and only available via email. After about 8 weeks with the same issues over and over I finally canceled and went back to hello fresh. Martha Stewart should be ashamed of what’s going on with this delivery service.


  18. Chelsey

    Horribly Delayed Delivery

    The recipes look fantastic, but be careful because you may not feel comfortable eating them after you package has been delayed by several days. I signed up to receive my first delivery on Monday, 4/20 as I like to prepare these meals during the week. On the weekend, I’m normally working or at another location and don’t have time to cook the meals. I received an email saying they’ve changed my date to Friday, 4/24. Okay, silver lining being it’s my mom’s birthday on the 24th and I can make her a birthday dinner. My box never arrived, so I was stuck ordering in last minute. I was hopeful that it was come the next day, so I stuck around the house all day and again, no box. SUNDAY, 4/26, almost a week after I originally planned on having my box delivered, it arrives. I spoke with customer service chat a few times until they refunded my money for the order as I told them I didn’t want to chance eating the steak and chicken that had been in a box for who knows how long. Unfortunately, it was too late to alter the next week’s order so I am stuck giving money to a service I have no trust in. After multiple attempted inquiries, I still have not heard back from customer support. Horrible first impression.


  19. Anonymous

    Don't go there!

    Customer service is horrible and delivery even worse. I joined about 3 weeks ago and 2 of my deliveries arrived 2 days late with no ice left in the box. The last one has not arrived at all with no indication of when it will.
    I’ve emailed customer service 5 times and cannot get a response!

    Do not sign up for this service!


  20. Patty T.

    Artichokes Chicken

    Ok, it’s expensive, about $24.50, including shipping, for a meal for two. If this were a restaurant, it would be cheap but not so when I have to do all the prep and cooking and serving. I would expect a good restaurant to charge $16 per plate for a meal like Artichokes Chicken, served in what we would call a nice neighborhood restaurant. So for two it would be $30. Plus tip. But where I live we only have one restaurant like that within thirty miles of us. Most of our restaurants are middle of the road family fair where the most expensive dish is prime rib on Fridays for $14.00 a plate. Artichoke Chicken isn’t prime rib. And I had to do it myself. So, expensive.
    On the other hand artichoke Chicken was really good and I don’t like artichokes.


  21. J Hardesty

    Great name, terrible meal plan

    Sadly, this is one of our least favorite meal plans we have tried recently. You would think that with Martha’s name on it, it would be rather high quality. Unfortunately, it seems like they may have just licensed the name, and that’s about it.

    For one this is a pricey subscription. And with that, you would assume quality and fresh ingredients. Unfortunately, what we received could only be described as what you would expect to find at the bottom of the vegetable bin once its all picked over. Dry ingredients were fine. But 50% of the vegetables we received were just terrible. The meat was ok, but nothing spectacular. Think prepackaged meat in the meat section of a store rather than fresh cuts from the butcher. Luckily we had some replacements for some, but for anyone without you would be stuck using sub par ingredients. Some examples, a single, small and very limp carrot that disintegrated when I peeled it. Basil that was starting to turn black and we had to use since we didn not have replacements. Garlic that looks like it was picked a bit too early. Half of the green onions were slimy and/or shriveled, but we had replacements. The cheddar cheese was literally the squared snack cheese sticks that would be for kids.

    Then there are the instructions. These are not “simple” meals. Some of them take multiple pans and what I would consider a few too many (intertwined) steps compared to some of the other meal plans. Our goal with these was to have an easy meal in terms of prep, cooking, and clean up. This checked only the “easy prep” box. The instructions were, weird, for lack of a better term. Not impossible, but just written in a way that didn’t make perfect sense. I found myself having to read certain sections multiple times, and there are parts from one step that apply to another step, but in a weird way. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s not that we couldn’t cook the meal, it was just, weird.

    And then there are the portions. For a meal kit, we rarely have ingredients left over. When paying this much for a meal kit, you would like to not have a lot of leftover ingredients. For example, we had two meals that required garlic. We received two entire heads of garlic, from which we used roughly 5 cloves. Now, garlic is something we make sure we have in stock in this house, so not we have like 5 heads of garlic. We also chopped up an entire package of chives, to which we used maybe half. It’s not till the end of the instructions where you read to “save the leftovers for your own personal use”. So now I’m left to either throw away the remainder, try to find another meal I can use them in, or do what I did and just throw chives on literally everything we cooked that night.

    All in all, we were really disappointed, mainly because we ha some high expectations. For one, it was Martha’s name on it. Secondly, these meal plans have been around for awhile, so the business model is not anything new. This one just seems really lazy, but with Martha Stewerts name stamped on it. And I won’t even get into how bad the customer service was.

    Ease of use: 2 stars
    Ingredients: 2 stars
    Clean up: 1 Star
    Customer Service: 0 Stars
    Meal Options 3 stars


  22. Anonymous


    Three meals received. One of the meals inside the box was not what we ordered. All three meals were missing ingredients. All three meals included old, mushy vegetables. No recipe cards were included in the box itself. It was as if a toddler packed the box. Martha Stewart should be ashamed to have her name associated with this company. This was our very first box. Subscription quickly cancelled. Advice? Go elsewhere (and not to Dinnerly, as they are a subsidiary of Marley Spoon). Ick.


  23. Anonymous

    Have improved greatly

    I think they have improved a lot lately, and I’ve been ordering from them exclusively the last 4-5 weeks. I get 4 dinners for 4 people, and pay 120$/delivery, shipping included. They have increased the meal selection and variety, portion size is spot on, and with two kids we usually have leftovers for the next day. Most meals end up taking 40-50 min to cook, but they are truly delicious.


  24. RP

    Poor Quality

    My box was delivered one day late so Im wondering how fresh the meat is. I opened the box right away and the vegetables were rotten. It was obvious that the vegetables weren’t fresh when they were packed! I thought since this company was endorsed by Martha Stewart it would be top notch!! I cancelled this meal service!!


  25. Tim Bambrough

    Good food, Horrible delivery ontimeness. Need to do a better job making sure all ingredients are in each bag.

    The food is good. The vegetables are fresh. My problem has been with delivery. I have been with Marley Spoon for a couple of up to 3 months. In that time they only delivered my food on the correct date has been twice.

    Todays day late delivery was the worse I have ever seen. When my box arrived a day late that’s one thing. Today the box was different. It didn’t have the Marley Spoon logo on it anywhere and it was rather small. When I opened it there were no menu cards, the meats and one mostly thawed ice pack were on the top. When I looked at the bags they were falling apart and many of the ingredients had fallen out and were in the bottom of the box.
    To Marley Spoons credit I was given a full credit and a half. But now I also have to go grocery shopping when I should not have to. I have been told that they are going to rectify my delivery date . But I also received an email where the person said that its no big deal if the box is a day late. They are designed for nit. He didn’t seem to understand that it is not alright with the customer. I guess since the next box is free I will give them a chance. This is their last chance.


  26. Patricia Palmer

    Fresh ingredients!!!!!

    I have been very pleased with the meals that I have received from Marley Spoon. The ingredients are fresh and the step by step instructions are simple to follow. It is easy to whip up a meal in 15 to 45 minutes depending on the recipe and the ingredients. My 2 person meals always allow me to get 3 meals from each. After I have prepared extra meals I have frozen some, and they freeze quite well depending on the ingredients. I think the prices are very reasonable especially considering that you don’t have to spend time grocery shopping for those meals.