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For as low as $8.74 a serving, you can receive everything you need to cook a delicious dinner, without the stress of going to your local supermarket. Blue Apron prides itself on delivering fresh pre-portioned ingredients to your doorstep, along with simple-to-follow, tested recipes that make being a chef look easy! Choose from the 2-serving plan, with 3 recipes a week, or the 4-serving family-style plan, with 2 or 4 recipes a week. The week prior to delivery, you can select your recipes from Blue Apron’s weekly menu, which accommodates some dietary preferences.

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Blue Apron FAQ:

How much does Blue Apron cost?

The 2-Person Plan is $9.99 per serving and contains 3 recipes for two people (6 total servings). The Family Plan is $8.74 per serving and contains either 2 or 4 recipes for four people (8 or 16 total servings).

Plan Pricing
2 Person Plan $9.99 per serving
2 Meal Family Plan $8.74 per serving
4 Meal Family Plan $8.74 per serving

How many calories are in the typical Blue Apron meal?

The typical Blue Apron meal has between 500-800 calories.

How long does it take to cook a Blue Apron meal?

The typical Blue Apron meal takes approximately 45 minutes to cook.

When are Blue Apron meals delivered?

Delivery dates and times vary by zip code.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping with Blue Apron is free.

Are there places where Blue Apron doesn't ship?

Blue Apron ships to the continguous U.S., but does not currently offer delivery in Hawaii or Alaska.

How do you skip a week of Blue Apron meals?

You can skip a week of deliveries by logging into your Blue Apron account.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Navigate to view your upcoming deliveries
  3. Manage the delivery you want to skip
  4. Click "Skip" and then confirm

How do you cancel Blue Apron?

Send an email to

18 Blue Apron reviews

  1. S. Williams

    Budget-friendly meal delivery with impressive variety

    Blue Apron has made cooking fun again! My husband and I have enjoyed several weeks of Blue Apron deliveries, and we are always impressed by the variety of the menu and unique ingredients. I’m giving it a 4/5 because overall we love it, and it’s affordable, but it doesn’t offer any paleo options and can take a long time to prepare.


  2. Preston W

    Affordable & Fun to Prepare, But Not The Healthiest Options

    Blue Apron was the first of several delivery services that we tried. It was the most popular and the one we had heard of, so we tried it first. Not having any frame of reference, I thought it was great. The meals were really fun to prepare and included ethnic spices I would have never attempted on my own (like the chicken tarkari). It is also one of the most affordable options out there. After trying a few other services, we realized that the Blue Apron meals weren’t quite as healthy as some of the alternatives.


  3. Luke

    Great for learning new things in the kitchen for a short time.

    My wife and I tried Blue Apron and thought it was great. The meals were simple and delicious. We loved getting to explore new recipes with ease and transfer some of the ideas to our own cooking. We learned and practiced some new techniques and how to time different aspects of the meal so it all came together at the end. It was fun for a while then became too expensive to do week in and week out.


  4. Mary

    Simple recipes, but health and ethical concerns

    Top quality food, and simple recipes. However, would like to see Blue Apron go to the next level by providing only Humanely Certified meats (certifying that farmers treat animals with ethical death practices), organic produce, and BPA-free cans. Our family eats conventional produce only rarely, so a long-term subscription would not work for us. We are also concerned about the health risks of BPA cans (even if suppliers are within the FDA limits), and want to spend our money on products that promote kind animal practices from birth through death. So, doing our own shopping works best for our family until services such as Blue Apron can accommodate our health and ethical preferences.


  5. chris

    not much flavor

    We received 4 weeks of meals as a baby shower gift. So far we’ve had 6 meals and so far we haven’t been impressed with the flavors. There hasn’t been one meal that if I were in a restaurant that I would order a second time.


  6. Brandi O

    Scamming Company Beware!!

    I postponed a meal and still got charged for it. The first time it happened I let it go, thought it was my mistake. I made sure and postponed my meals so I wasn’t charged the next week. Low and behold, I was charged. This time the charge overdrafted my account. I use my side account to pay for our boxes. After calling the refunded the charge for this box I didn’t get, but not the fees they caused this account. The customer service Rep Joseph is an a-hole very condescending and not helpful at all. I hate the too bad so sad attitude. This company will try to take as much money with out you noticing. I highly recommend you skip these poorly planned and bland boxes, and take a look at Home Chef or other boxes!


  7. fred fillah

    Food has been great for 3-4 weeks. Just had steak Fajitas that tasted like beef jerky. If I pay top dollar for a meal, I hope the supplier has my best interest in mind. Maybe growing too fast???! I hate to be this pissed off after
    a meal!


  8. Julia

    Medium for the Main Meal Deliverer

    I think they charge a premium price for medium quality. I think Blue Apron is a viable option, but not my first pick.


  9. Gary

    Too much for too little

    If you like highly salted, small portions, and use of lots of cookware, Blue Apron delivers. I am very, very disappointed with this moderately expensive product.


  10. Sarah Denman

    Very Dissatisfied!

    First order was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday. We received the order at 4:00 on Wednesday. The contents of the box were hot, and there was no evidence of cold. There was no notice of “Perishable” on the outside of the box. Due to concerns of bacterial contamination,the contents are now in the trash. Very poor service, and I am glad that I cancelled my account. They are still shipping a final week next week. I think that something is lacking with this company.


  11. Phillipa Robinson

    Wonderful if you like variety, have the time to cook.

    Love Blue Apron. It’s perfect for my boyfriend and I, but I have a lot of time to cook and don’t mind all the prep. We hate shopping and love trying new things so it’s pretty great. Almost every meal is absolutely delicious, and the rest aren’t bad, they can’t all be perfect, or for everyone. We’ve been on it 7 weeks and have no plans of looking back.


  12. Jenny

    Loved the taste and actually preparing all the food. However, I kept skipping weeks due to lack of time and repeat menu items I didn’t like, then canceling was a pain and left a sour taste in my mouth so I will not sign up again. You have to email to get a special cancel link you can only access on a computer not a phone browser, then I had to talk to a representative.


  13. AzMom

    Long-time subscriber

    Overall we have been very pleased with Blue Apron for the last year that we have subscribed. Boxes fairly reliably contain all the ingredients we need, in good condition, and the meals are tasty. In recent months we have noticed a bit of a fall-off in variety of meals and perhaps also in the freshness of the recipes. I feel like we are getting lots of meals that include vegetable melanges of some sort or other, rather than the fresh salads and greens that were frequently included in earlier meals.

    I hope this is just a blip and not a permanent consequence of recent management changes and the company’s IPO.


  14. Wendy

    Blue Apron is great

    I just cooked the most amazing dishes this past weekend.


  15. Brad S

    Better options out there than Blue Apron

    Blue Apron’s quality and presentation in the box doesn’t compare to some of the other food delivery options out there. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a leaky bottle of vinegar in the bag of “knick knacks” and it’s been soaked through. Just got a rotten clove of garlic this past week. Steak was also a very poor cut with tons of gristle. Will be switching back to Hello Fresh this week.


  16. M. Fredericks

    Great recipes, missing ingredients more often than not

    I finally just cancelled my Blue Apron service after 3 weeks in a row of missing, wrong, or rotten ingredients. We’ve been using it for a year or longer, and this problem is getting worse. They are usually willing to refund you part of the meal when you let them know that you weren’t able to make the recipe they sent because of the ingredients they sent (or rather didn’t send), but I use this service so that I can make a meal without having to go shopping. When key ingredients are missing or rotten, it defeats the purpose. I don’t want an account credit, I want the meal that was sold to me and the convenience that is the reason people use these services.

    Their customer service response are vague and friendly and they have ignored my requests to speak or communicate with someone about the cause of the problem (how do you leave out an ingredient EVERY TIME for a month? They do not have their act together in their distributions centers) – no one could ever reassure me that they were working on it, or had a plan.

    I wish they could get their act together, but apparently they can’t. Off to find a new service, and apologize to everyone I recommended this one to.


  17. Holly

    BEWARE of this company. I had a Terrible experience with them. came home to make my meal and found an eggplant that was inedible and a partially opened Greek yogurt. Ok looks like I can’t make meal #1 tonight, look to meal #2. Ooooh the European cheese is spilled all over the contents of bag number 2. Looks like we will have spaghetti for dinner instead. I took pictures and sent them in with their imaginary “freshness guarantee”. Today I got an email back with a $13 credit to my account?! Really?! I’d prefer to send back your box of food. Called and spoke to multiple people in their customer service department who state they are unable to credit back my card and can only give me credit on future deliveries. I opted to take my losses and cancel the subscription to this poorly run company. No wonder they have such terrible reviews floating around. This is no way to do business and think that you will flourish in a market where we have lots of choices. I will be going with a different company, thanks.


  18. Bronwyn Baylor

    Tasty options

    I have been a subscriber for almost a year. Never had a problem with freshness or incomplete boxes. Always delicious and would make again on at least 90{2646a176311491570739a13dd319592155ac9cdba4632368aea58c38c45c78aa} of the recipes. I don’t salt and pepper every step as sometimes suggested. I would like to see organically grown produce and would pay the adjusted price. I wish there was a better way to reuse or deal with the ice packs etc.



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