Fresh produce and fun recipes to expand your culinary skills.

When you’ve had a crazy day at the office, grocery shopping or figuring out what’s for dinner is probably the last thing you feel like doing. Thankfully, Plated has done all the prep work for you. Each week, you can choose from 12 carefully curated recipes that make whipping up dinner a snap. Plated prides itself on fresh produce, antibiotic-free meat, sustainable seafood, and fun recipes that will expand your culinary skills. Whether you’re cooking for one or for a whole brood, you can make dinner time exciting and easy. This meal delivery service offers three different meals plans designed for households with 2, 3, or 4 adults, allowing you to choose between 2-4 meals per week.

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Plated FAQ:

How much does Plated cost?

Plated offers a 2-serving, 3-serving, and 4-serving plan, each available 2-4 nights a week. While the 2-serving box is $11.95 a serving, the 3-serving and 4-serving boxes are just $9.95 a serving. Have a sweet tooth? Add dessert to your box for just $8 (makes 4 servings). See all the pricing details below:

2-Serving Box Pricing

Meals Per Week Servings Per Meal Price Per Serving Price Per Box
2 2 $11.95 $47.80
3 2 $11.95 $71.70
4 2 $11.95 $95.60

3-Serving Box Pricing

Meals Per Week Servings Per Meal Price Per Serving Price Per Box
2 3 $9.95 $59.70
3 3 $9.95 $89.55
4 3 $11.95 $119.40

4-Serving Box Pricing

Meals Per Week Servings Per Meal Price Per Serving Price Per Box
2 4 $9.95 $79.60
3 4 $9.95 $119.40
4 4 $9.95 $159.20

How many calories are in the typical Plated meal?

Most Plated dishes are between 600 and 800 calories, though some are more or fewer.

How long does it take to cook a Plated meal?

The typical Plated meal takes anywhere from 30-55 minutes to prepare. Check the recipe details on the menu for approximate cook times before you order!

When are Plated meals delivered?

Meals are delivered between 8am - 8pm. Delivery days depend on your zipcode.

How much does shipping cost?

Plated offers free shipping on all orders.

Are there places where Plated doesn't ship?

While Plated ships all over the continguous U.S., they do not ship to Alaska & Hawaii.

How do you skip a week of Plated meals?

You must skip a week online in your account by no later than noon local time six days before the scheduled delivery day.

How do you cancel Plated?

You can cancel your subscription online at:

1 review

  1. Julia

    Praise for Plated

    I loved using Plated! They were my first boxed meal experience and left a very high standard for the rest. Fresh ingredients, simple instructions for a very thought through meal! I would definitely use it again!



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