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For people who love to cook, but who don’t have the time to pore over recipes or fight lines at the grocery store, Home Chef offers the perfect solution. This service delivers pre-portioned ingredients along with easy-to-follow recipes that make weeknight home-cooked meals a delight, rather than a chore. Home Chef understands that time is limited, so recipes are designed to take less than thirty minutes to prepare, from box to plate. Choose from a wide selection of dinner entree options that are refreshed weekly, and add on breakfasts, a smoothie or a fruit bowl to your order. Home Chef offers gluten-free menus as well carb- and calorie-conscious recipes. Choose from flexible meal plans that allow you to order for just the two of you or for the whole family.

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Home Chef FAQ:

How much does Home Chef cost?

Home Chef allows users to choose 3-8 meals per week, with 2, 4, or 6 servings per meal. The typical meal costs $9.95 per serving. You may add premium meals, fruit baskets, and smoothies to your order as well. Premium meals cost $14.95-$19.95 per serving, and fruit baskets and smoothies cost $4.95 per serving.

2-Serving Pricing

Meals Per Week Servings Per Meal Price Per Serving Price Per Box
2 2 $9.95 $39.80
3 2 $9.95 $59.70
4 2 $9.95 $79.60
5 2 $9.95 $99.50
6 2 $9.95 $119.40
7 2 $9.95 $139.30
8 2 $9.95 $159.20

4-Serving Pricing

Meals Per Week Servings Per Meal Price Per Serving Price Per Box
2 4 $9.95 $79.60
3 4 $9.95 $119.40
4 4 $9.95 $159.20
5 4 $9.95 $199.00
6 4 $9.95 $238.80
7 4 $9.95 $278.60
8 4 $9.95 $318.40

6-Serving Pricing

Meals Per Week Servings Per Meal Price Per Serving Price Per Box
2 6 $9.95 $119.40
3 6 $9.95 $179.10
4 6 $9.95 $238.80
5 6 $9.95 $298.50
6 6 $9.95 $358.20
7 6 $9.95 $417.90
8 6 $9.95 $477.60

How many calories are in the typical Home Chef meal?

Most Home Chef meals are between 500-800 calories per serving. For those watching their waistlines, Home Chef also has low calories and low carb options each week.

How long does it take to cook a Home Chef meal?

Home Chef recipes take anywhere between 25- and 50-minutes to prepare. You may preview the estimated cooking time on each recipe before placing your order.

When are Home Chef meals delivered?

Delivery is available on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday each week.

How much does shipping cost?

For orders less than $45, shipping is $10. All orders over $45 are shipped for free!

Are there places where Home Chef doesn't ship?

Home Chef delivers to most of the U.S. Double check delivery to your zip code here.

How do you skip a week of Home Chef meals?

You can easily skip deliveries by logging into your account. You must do so before 12 PM CST on the Friday prior to the scheduled delivery day. You may also change delivery frequency to receive meals biweekly and monthly (every two or four weeks, respectively).

How do you cancel Home Chef?

To cancel Home Chef, log into your account and navigate to the "Account Information" tab. Here, you'll see a link to pause your account. This feature makes it easy to resume ordering in the future.

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2 Home Chef reviews

  1. Will

    Quick Prep - Tasty & Easy

    We tried Home Chef in May and enjoyed 2 really great meals and one that was so-so (it wasn’t bad, just not quite as good as the other two).

    Our meals:
    Blue cheese and green onion-crusted bone-in pork chop with green bean and grape tomato almondine (Delicious)
    Chicken With Basil-Pecorino Cream Sauce & Roasted Vegetables (Yum!!)
    Japanese Chicken with cucumber-edamame salad (so-so – a little too sugary & salty for me)

    The thing I liked most about Home Chef was how quickly we could prepare our meals. So many of the other meal delivery services claim an approximate time that ends up being nowhere near our time. With Home Chef, it was close to the estimate.

    Overall, the meals were really good and we will definitely be ordering Home Chef again. My only complaint was with the Japanese Chicken. The sauce was too sweet and too salty. We probably should have known to scale back both sauces, but we wanted to make it the recommended way. We also chose to use evoo instead of butter.


  2. Katie

    Tasty and Easy-to-Prepare

    We found that Home Chef’s recipes were simple to follow and fast to prepare. I enjoy cooking, but don’t want to spend an hour putting dinner together on a weeknight, so I found the 30-minute prep times ideal. Home Chef meals are tasty, and the weekly menu has enough variety to keep things exciting. Next time, I want to try one of the breakfast options!



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