Chef Prepared Organic Plant-Based Meals

Veestro offers users an organic, preservative-free, plant-based meal delivery service. Research shows that plant-based diets have myriad benefits including reduced risk of type II diabetes and cancer, lower blood pressure, and assistance with weight maintenance. Additionally, by eliminating meat from your diet, you can reduce your carbon footprint. With Veestro, you can choose from the a la carte menu, which features breakfast, entrees, juices, soups, and desserts, or from one of several meal pack plans. Looking for a weight loss meal delivery or just need a detox juice cleanse? Veestro offers those too! Plus, Veestro has several gluten-free options and all juices and meals come ready to sip or heat and eat, so you can chow down whenever hunger strikes.

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Veestro FAQ:

How much does Veestro cost?

Most entrees are between $10-$12. There are a variety of plans as well as a la carte meals. For example, 25 gluten-free meals costs $199.

When are Veestro meals delivered?

7 Days A Week

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free for orders over $199. Orders that total between $99 - $198 will be charged $19 shipping. Orders under $98 will cost $35.

How do you cancel Veestro?

Send an email to at least 7 days before the next delivery.

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