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Live a clean and wholesome lifestyle with this plant-based, ready-to-eat meal delivery service

With the mantra “Eat Clean Eat Whole”, Sakara is an organic, plant-based meal delivery service that delivers organic, vegan ready-to-eat meals straight to your door. Sakara is committed to a lifestyle without calorie counting, where whole foods, plant proteins, hydration, and lots of nutrient-dense, colorful veggies reign. All Sakara programs come with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus functional waters and Detox Teas that fully immerse you in the Sakara lifestyle. Get started with a one-time trial program, or go all in and sign up for the weekly subscription!

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Sakara FAQ:

How much does Sakara cost?

Sakara offers recurring subscriptions of its Signature Program as well as one-time programs.The weekly Signature Program subscription costs between $169-$420 per week. One-time programs cost between $185-$1760. See price breakout below:

Weekly Subscription Signature Program

Program LengthNumber of MealsPrice per MealTotal Price
2 days6$28.17$169.00
3 days9$26.56$239.00
5 days15$28.00$420.00

One Time Signature Program

Program LengthNumber of MealsPrice per MealTotal Price
2 days6$30.83$185.00
3 days9$28.33$255.00
5 days15$29.33$440.00
10 days (2 weeks)30$29.33$880.00
20 days (4 weeks)60$29.33$1760.00

Other Programs

DescriptionProgram LengthNumber of MealsPrice per MealTotal Price
Detox II5 days15$30.00$450.00
Note, the above rates are estimates; exact pricing may vary by location.

How many calories are in the typical Sakara meal?

With a focus on nutrition, Sakara counts vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, rather than calories.

How long does it take to cook a Sakara meal?

Meals are ready-to-eat and require no prep. Enjoy cold or heat according to the package instructions.

When are Sakara meals delivered?

Varies by location

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free with any Sakara subscription plan.

Where does Sakara deliver?

Sakara delivers everywhere in the contiguous U.S. However, program options may vary according to zip code.

How do you skip a week of Sakara meals?

Log-in to your Sakara account and click on “Edit Upcoming Weeks.” Changes to your subscription must be made before midnight EST on Wednesday of the week prior.

How do you cancel Sakara?

Log into your Sakara account and click on “Profile”, choose "Cancel". You must cancel before Wednesday at midnight EST.

How do you contact Sakara?

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  1. Anonymous

    The “sexy cinnamon breakfast ” was great but the front of the meal said see reverse side for cooking instructions….THERE WAS NOTHING ON THE REVERSE SIDE !!