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Delicious chef-crafted superfood eats delivered right to your door and ready in minutes!

Revive Superfoods’ wholesome, pre-portioned meals make healthy eating affordable and convenient. Like its competitor, Daily Harvest, Revive Superfoods offers a line-up of smoothies, oat and acai bowls, and “supermeals” that take the guesswork and effort out of enjoying a nutritious breakfast, lunch, or snack. As the brand’s name indicates, each Revive Superfoods meal contains loads of superfoods like matcha, cinnamon, coconut oil, and chia seeds. These incredible foods have amazing health benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory properties to digestive and immune support. The best part? Cups start at just $4.99, making this option much cheaper (and overwhelmingly healthier) than hitting the closest drive-thru lane.

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Revive Superfoods FAQ:

How much does Revive Superfoods cost?

With Revive Superfoods, you can sign up for a weekly or monthly subscription. A 9-cup box costs $51.75, a 12-cup box costs $65.88, and a 24-cup box costs $119.76. Here's a full break out:

Weekly Subscription Pricing

Cups Per BoxCost per ServingPrice per Box

Monthly Subscription Pricing

Cups Per BoxCost per ServingPrice per Box
All subscription plans include FREE shipping!

How many calories are in the typical Revive Superfoods meal?

Revive Superfood meals are between 150-400 calories. Below is a breakout of the typical calorie range per meal based on meal type:

  • Smoothies: 150-250 calories
  • Oat Bowls: 350-400 calories
  • Acai Bowl: 200 calories
  • Supermeals: 200-300 calories

How long does it take to cook a Revive Superfoods meal?

All items take just a few minutes of prep:

  • Smoothies: Add your favorite liquid and blend for a minute or two.
  • Acai Bowl: Just set in your fridge to thaw overnight.
  • Oat Bowls: Soak overnight with your favorite liquid, or heat for 3-6 minutes on the stovetop or in the microwave.
  • Supermeals: Reheat for 2-4 minutes on the stovetop or in the microwave.

When are Revive Superfoods meals delivered?

Revive Superfoods delivers Tuesday-Friday, depending on where you live. View options based on your zip code at check out.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is always FREE!

Where does Revive Superfoods deliver?

Revive Superfoods delivers across most of Canada and the contiguous U.S. Check deliverability to your zip code at check out or contact customer service at

How do you skip a week of Revive Superfoods meals?

You can skip an upcoming delivery before the scheduled billing date. To do so, log-in to your account and navigate to "Upcoming Deliveries." Skip a date by clicking on the date. A red line through the date for any skipped weeks.

How do you cancel Revive Superfoods?

You can easily pause or cancel your Revive Superfoods account at any time. Log-in to your account and navigate to Manage Plan > Plan Status > Pause Subscription. Make sure to cancel your subscription before your next billing date to avoid getting charged.

How do you contact Revive Superfoods?

Revive Superfoods Complete Review

Love the idea of healthy smoothies and grain bowls, but don’t have the time to put them together yourself? Revive Superfoods offers an assortment of delicious drinks and bowls packed with nutrient-rich superfoods ready to blend or reheat. See our full review below! Read More

An Overview of Revive Superfoods

This prepared meal delivery service makes it easy to whip up a wholesome, healthy smoothie for breakfast or to enjoy a hearty, delicious grain bowl for lunch. Sign up for a weekly or monthly subscription, with 9, 12, or 24 cups per delivery. You customize your box, choosing selections off Revive Superfoods’ menu of ready-to-blend smoothies, pre-made oat bowls, prepared acai bowls, and ready-to-heat and eat supermeals. Starting at just $4.99, this bowl and smoothie delivery service is one of the most affordable services in its category, offering subscribers foods filled with nutritious and exotic ingredients for less than the competition.

Revive Superfoods Menu

Revive Superfoods’ menu currently offers 15 ready-to-blend smoothies, four pre-made oat bowls, an acai bowl, and four ready-to-eat supermeals. With all these enticing options, you may have a difficult time narrowing down the selections to add to your weekly or monthly subscription box.


Revive Superfoods’ smoothies contain a staggering range of exciting and exotic ingredients, like baobab, lucuma, and camu camu. The farm-frozen smoothie ingredients arrive in a cup, prepped, and ready to blend. Just fill the container to the top with your liquid of choice (any milk works great!), dump the contents into your blender, and blend away. Your breakfast or post-gym snack is ready in just minutes!

Pre-Made Oat Bowls

Want something truly satisfying and satiating to jumpstart your day? Start your morning with a Revive Superfoods oat bowls. Containing gluten-free oats and loads of other nutrient-rich ingredients, these bowls come in four tempting flavors: Carrot Spice, Banana Nut, Berry Patch, and Pom Orange. Soak the contents of your cup with your favorite liquid overnight to enjoy cold or heat up on the stovetop or in the microwave.

Acai Bowl

Currently, Revive Superfoods offers a single Acai Bowl (though, we suspect there are additional flavors in the works). A blend of acai, coconut milk, banana, and dates creates an antioxidant-rich base, which is topped with a medley of mango, kiwi, blueberries, raspberries, and coconut. Just defrost in your fridge overnight, and the bowl is ready-to-eat when you wake up – no prep required!


Looking for a fast, wholesome alternative to traditional microwave lunches? Revive Superfoods has the answer. Their supermeals come with a grain base (like wild rice or rainbow quinoa) plus an array of yummy veggies and legumes. These high-protein meals keep you full, plus they take just a few minutes to reheat, which makes lunchtime that much easier!

Revive Superfoods Plans and Pricing

Offering weekly and monthly plans, Revive Superfoods’ pricing starts at just $4.99 per cup. All plans come with FREE shipping.

Weekly Plan

With the weekly plan, choose either 9, 12, or 24 cups.
  • 9 cups per week: $5.75/cup
  • 12 cups per week: $5.49/cup
  • 24 cups per week: $4.99/cup

Monthly Plan

Alternatively, the monthly plan allows subscribers to order 12 or 24 cups.
  • 12 cups per month: $5.49/cup
  • 24 cups per month: $4.99/cup

Revive Superfoods Review

We received a 12-cup box to sample for this review. Our box included three types of smoothies, two supermeals, and one acai bowl. We unpacked the box, which came with insulation and dry ice to keep all the ingredients cold. Though the box was in transit for two days, from shaking the cups, you could tell the ingredients were still frozen upon arrival. After snapping a few pics, we selected one of the smoothies to try and put the rest of the cups in the freezer.


The bright Pink Dragon cup came packed with a magical mixture of energizing and immunity boosting ingredients. A standard smoothie base of bananas and strawberries gets some extra oomph from a slew of exotic superfood ingredients including dragon fruit, lychee, maca, and acai. The typical smoothie in our house is usually just banana, berry, so it was fun getting to try new ingredients that would typically be too cost prohibitive for stocking our freezer.Following the instructions, we filled the cup with our milk of choice (cow’s milk was all we had on hand), then dumped the contents into the blender. After a brief whirl around, our smoothie was ready to drink! The smoothie portion was just the right size for a post-workout snack, but also would have been plenty for breakfast.The next morning, we tried the Morning Mocha for breakfast, and later in the week we had a Hint of Mint as a guilt-free late-night treat. I can genuinely say, we enjoyed all three flavors that we tried (my favorite was the Pink Dragon, and the husband’s favorite was the Hint of Mint because it tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream). These tasted far better than the Daily Harvest smoothies we had previously tried.


Next up, we tried the Bean to Baja supermeal. Red and brown rice, a Mexicana grain blend, and beans make this meal filling, while ingredients inspired by Mexican cuisine (like avocado, cumin, jalapeno, and chipotle in adobo) lend flavors that taste like those in a Chipotle burrito bowl. The husband added a fried egg to his, while I topped mine with additional avocado slices.After our Mexican adventure, we traveled to the Middle East with the Golden Sultana. This Arabic-inspired meal boasts a hearty base of sorghum, wild rice, and lentils, along with a heap of vegetables running the gamut from eggplant to collard greens. A fusion of spices (garlic powder, turmeric, oregano, cumin, and more) pulls the flavors together.Thanks to our very effective freezer, our meals required a bit longer than the recommended 2-4 minutes to reheat but took no more effort to prep than the typical freezer meal. Overall, we thought these meals made the perfect light lunch. If you need something more filling, you could always add a protein (chicken or a fried egg would pair well) or add a side of bread (the Bean to Baja would be great for making a burrito).

Acai Bowl

Finally, we tried the Acai bowl, which requires no blending or heating. Just pop the cup in the fridge overnight, then give it a stir in the morning. Easiest meal ever. In addition to acai, the bowl has a cornucopia of other fruits – kiwi, raspberries, blueberries, mango, and banana. This brain-boosting, detoxing bowl tastes magnificent. Tip: add some granola to the top to make this even more filling.

Pros and Cons of Revive Superfoods


  • Affordability: Really inexpensive cups, especially given the quality and diversity of the ingredients.
  • Convenience: All meals require minimal effort to reheat or blend or no prep at all. Great for busy people on the go!
  • Superfood infused: Love that every cup incorporates a lot of nutritious superfoods. You can read about the health benefits of each of these superfoods on the Revive Superfoods menu.


  • Portions: Some reviews indicate that the portions aren’t large enough to satiate. While we found the meal sizes adequately filling, you could always add proteins to the supermeals or nut butter to the smoothies if you desire additional calories.
  • Not organic: Unfortunately, Revive Superfoods does not exclusively use organic ingredients. However, it is paleo- and vegan-friendly and all meals are gluten- and dairy-free, so the plan works for a lot of people with other dietary restrictions.

Try Revive Superfoods at a Discount!

Right now, you can try your first order of Revive Superfoods for 60% off. If you order the 24-count box, that means you only pay $2 per cup! Use the code 60OFF to snag this deal.

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4 Revive Superfoods reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Awful. Highly overpriced garbage. I am still at a loss to understand how something that resembles real food when poured into the blender manages to taste like water. No matter what flavor, they all taste the same. It’s a $7 ice water, no matter what liquid you add to then. Then what’s worse, I elected the 24 cup smoothie plan as I had high hopes for them. The day after I received my first order of 24 smoothies, they auto shipped 24 more and billed me full price after getting me in on a promo to start. Apparently when you order 24 smoothies, the default is still ship every week. At no point upon signing up did it prompt me to pause, or cancel. Or even alert me that upon signing up, you’ll be billed for your next box one day after receiving your first items. Then try to correct it with customer service, better luck discussing your issue with one of your bs smoothies.


  2. Anonymous

    Run! Use another company!

    My first issue is that one of our cups arrived damaged and when I spoke to the customer service representative, they didn’t offer to make it right. My 2nd bigger issue is in the billing. I see on my account that my next order is for Dec 8th, but they charged me today, Dec 2nd. I just received my order last night and didn’t even have a chance to try them. When I asked for a refund on that amount and to be charged after we can try them and are set to order our favs, they refused. They said their policy is strict and they will not refund. Even if we try them and love the product, I would never give my money to a company that operates like this. If they were confident in their product, they wouldn’t do business like this. Damaged product arrives and all they say is, we will let our packer know. Won’t refund product they didn’t ship. Terrible customer service. Proof of how their business is doing, in my opinion. Don’t order from them, you will just regret it.


  3. Katie F.

    Finicky Customer Service

    I recommended this service to a friend. Then she signed up, and I immediately contacted customer service. I clearly was the referral, but Revive’s customer service wouldn’t give me credit. I won’t recommend this service to friends anymore.


  4. Anonymous

    Tolerable at best

    I ordered these with really high hopes of liking them. Instead I found them to be very bland to totally inedible. I tried with both regular and almond milk but the flavor was missing in the smoothies. The overnight oats were good but not worth renewing my subscription.