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A monthly seafood membership that delivers sustainably-sourced seafood to your doorstep.

Let’s face it. The seafood options at your local grocer usually consist of an expensive but subpar selection of farm-raised fish or wild-caught choices that traveled from another corner of the globe to land in the meat case. If you’re tired of overpaying for mediocre seafood from faraway oceans, then you need to try the Wild Alaskan Company subscription seafood service. Each month (or two), you’ll receive a box of wild-caught, sustainably harvested seafood that’s never farmed or genetically modified. The fish in each delivery are caught in American waters off the coasts of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, processed in facilities on U.S. soil, then flash-frozen for freshness and shipped to your doorstep on dry ice. Each box comes with 12 or 24 perfectly portioned 6-ounce servings that you keep in your freezer until you’re ready to eat. Starting at just $9.99 per serving, this plan is perfect for pescatarians or seafood lovers who enjoy high-quality, responsibly harvested seafood.

Wild Alaskan Company Subscription Plans

Wild Alaskan Company offers three monthly subscription plans:

  • Wild Salmon Box: Contains 6 oz. cuts of wild salmon varieties, including sockeye and coho.
  • Wild White Fish Box: Contains an assortment of wild white fish, including halibut and cod.
  • Wild Combo Box: The best of both worlds, this box contains cuts of both salmon and whitefish.

By default, all plans are monthly, though you can set your delivery frequency to once every two months. Alternatively, you can work with customer support to design a delivery schedule that works best for you.


Wild Alaskan Company Prices and Shipping

Subscribers can choose to receive a box with 12 or 24 6-ounce portions per month. All 12-count subscription boxes cost $10.99 per serving, plus $9.95 shipping, for a total of $131.88 per shipment. All 24-count subscription boxes cost $9.99 per serving, and include FREE shipping, for a total of $239.78 per shipment. Wild Alaskan Company is one of the few subscription services that ships everywhere in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii!

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Wild Alaskan Company FAQ:

How much does Wild Alaskan Company cost?

Wild Alaskan Company's subscription seafood boxes cost $131.88 for the 12-pack box and $239.76 for the 24-pack box. The pricing is the same across all three subscription plans.

Wild Alaskan Company Subscription Pricing

Box DescriptionPrice per ServingShipping CostPrice per BoxTotal Cost
12-Pack Wild Salmon Box$10.99$9.95$131.88$141.83
24-Pack Wild Salmon Box$9.99FREE$239.76$239.76
12-Pack Wild Combo Box$10.99$9.95$131.88$141.83
24-Pack Wild Combo Box$9.99FREE$239.76$239.76
12-Pack Wild White Fish Box$10.99$9.95$131.88$141.83
24-Pack Wild White Fish Box$9.99FREE$239.76$239.76

How many calories are in the typical Wild Alaskan Company meal?

Varies according to the species and cut of fish.

When are Wild Alaskan Company meals delivered?

Your delivery day will depend on when you order and where you live. New subscribers typcially receive their first box within a week of ordering.

How much does shipping cost?

Flat rate shipping of $9.95 applies to any 12-pack box. Shipping is FREE on 24-pack boxes.

Where does Wild Alaskan Company deliver?

Wild Alaskan Company ships nationwide, including Hawaii and Alaska.

How do you skip a week of Wild Alaskan Company meals?

To skip a delivery, contact customer support by email at sockeye@wildalaskancompany.com. Be sure to do so before your next order is set to ship.

How do you cancel Wild Alaskan Company?

To pause or cancel your subscription, contact customer support by email at sockeye@wildalaskancompany.com. Be sure to do so before your next order is set to ship.

How do you contact Wild Alaskan Company?

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1 review

  1. Suzanne Hoyt

    Very upset!

    I received my box of salmon and the fish was defrosted and the box had no dry ice! I live Naples, Florida. We just got home at 6:05pm est. It is 92 degrees and I don’t know when it left Alaska and if it sat all day out in heat??? The fish was room temp!!😤

    Why would you not have dry ice going from one extreme of the country to the other?