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Regeneratively-raised, grass-fed, double-aged beef from Wyoming delivered right to your doorstep.

If you find the health benefits and taste of beef irresistible but want the guarantee that what you consume is ethically raised, look no further than Carter Country Meats. This family ranching and butchering operation is 100% committed to rearing the healthiest cattle possible while advocating an honest relationship between land, ranch, and table. Their ethos centers on respect for their animals, regenerative land and ranching practices, plus sustainable delivery options. RC Carter believes that “everything is connected, and it’s our responsibility to honor that truth by raising and providing the highest quality beef with the most sustainable practices available.” 

Carter Country Meats delivers in two ways – they deliver on principles of humanely-raised animals, plus they deliver the finest quality beef to your doorstep. Their cattle are harvested between 4 and 14 years of age, providing the “healthiest and most flavorful beef in the world – the holy grail of beef.”

Carter Country Meats

Carter Country cattle spend their lives roaming 40,000 acres along the western slope of the Big Horn Mountains in northern Wyoming. The cows graze among sagebrush, juniper, and the rich red dirt that provides some of the world’s finest rangeland. A minimal .0075% of their diet is high-quality local grain – the other 99.9925% is grass. The unique climate, topography, and pastures provide their antibiotic and hormone-free beef with a nutrient-dense composition and a distinct flavor profile. You’ll taste the difference.

Carter Country Meats Subscriptions

Carter County Meats offer the flexibility of ordering either a la carte or by subscription. The a la carte premium cuts include Dry Aged Grass-Fed Ground Beef, Summer Sausage, 45 Day Dry Aged NY Strip Steak, 45 Day Dry Aged Ribeye Tomahawk, Tenderloin Full Muscle, and Broth Flavored with Beef Bones. Boxes are available either as a one-time purchase or by subscription. Set your subscription delivery for 30, 60, or 90 days and you can change or cancel your subscription at any time.

Big Horn Boxes  

Available in 5-, 10-, and 20-pound options, either as a one-time purchase or subscription. Subscriptions save you 5%, and shipping is FREE.


  • The 5-pound box is $110 for a one-time purchase or $104.50 as a subscription.
  • The 10-pound box is $190 for a one-time purchase or $180.50 as a subscription.
  • The 20-pound box is $330 for a one-time purchase or $313.50 as a subscription.

What you get in each Big Horn Box 

  • 15% of the box is Tier 1 –  The finest top-level meat that is perfectly marbled. Cuts can include 45 Day Dry-Aged Ribeye Tomahawk, Filet Mignon, Flat Iron, or 45 Day Dry-Aged New York Steak.
  • 35% of the box is Tier 2 – Cuts with the perfect balance of flavor and intramuscular fat. These are best to cook whole then slice. Cuts can include Tri-Tip, Culotte, Flank, Skirts, Denver Steaks, Hanging Tender, and Top Sirloin.
  • 50% of the box is Tier 3 – These cuts include Hamburger Patties, Loose Ground Burger, Hot Links, Summer Sausage, and Stew Meat.

Burger Boxes

Love burgers? Try one of these burger boxes!

  • Box of 7 pounds Dry-Aged Burger – $75 for a one-time purchase or $71.25 as a subscription.
  • Box of 28 pounds Dry-Aged Burger – $210 for a one-time purchase or $199.50 as a subscription.

Carter Country Meats Ultimate Yeti Gift Packs

The Ultimate Gift Pack! A Yeti is the king of coolers. Pair a Yeti cooler with the ‘finest meat on earth’ for a unique and appreciated gift – or treat yourself! Carter Country Meats passes along a 10% discount on each Yeti, and shipping is FREE.

  • 10-pound Gift Pack comes with a Yeti Hopper 8 (MSRP $199) priced at $370
  • 20-pound Gift Pack comes with a Yeti Hopper 18 (MSRP $299) priced at $600
  • 75-pound Gift Pack comes with a Yeti Tundra 65 (MSRP $349) 

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Carter Country Meats FAQ:

How much does Carter Country Meats cost?

Carter Country Meats offers five subscription plans that cost between $71.25-$313.50:

Carter Country Meats Subscription Pricing

BoxPounds of MeatPrice per PoundTotal Cost
5-lb Big Horn Box5 lbs.$20.90$104.50
10-lb Big Horn Box10 lbs.$18.05$180.50
20-lb Big Horn Box20 lbs.$15.68$313.50
7-lb. Dry-Aged Burger7 lbs.$10.18$71.25
28-lb. Dry-Aged Burger28 lbs.$7.13$199.50

When are Carter Country Meats meals delivered?

If you order by Friday, end of day, your box will ship the following Tuesday via 2-day air.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE on all subscription plans and YETI gift packs.

Where does Carter Country Meats deliver?

Carter Country Meats delivers everywhere in the contiguous U.S.

How do you contact Carter Country Meats?

Mon - Fri: 8AM-5PM PST

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  1. Richard


    Terrible meat, cooked over a charcoal fire, tough tough, no flavor, what a waste of money and time. Richard