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Nutritious, ready-to-enjoy & delivered to your door. It’s what your kids deserve.

You want the very best for your kids, and that starts right at the dinner table. No matter the age, your goal is to provide your little ones with healthy food that they like, but after a demanding day, how do you make healthy meals that’ll satisfy everyone’s tastes? Luckily, Nurture Life helps even the busiest of parents provide nutritious and delicious food that will please even picky palates.

Nurture Life offers nutritious, ready-to-enjoy meals for all ages. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, this meal delivery company designs meals for each age group that provide the appropriate portions and nutrients for every child’s developmental stage. Customers can choose from Baby, Toddler, Kid, and Family Meals delivered weekly to their doorsteps. 

All Nurture Life meals come ready-to-eat, in the perfect portion for your child’s age.

Nurture Life Menu & Meal Plans

All dishes are super tasty and appeal to the pickiest of eaters. Meals include a balance of organic veggies, antibiotic-free proteins, and whole grains in age-appropriate portions, balanced by dietitians. Your child will learn to enjoy making healthy food choices. With Nurture Life’s unique variety of herbs and spices, they’ll also get to experience a variety of new cuisines early on. Each meal supports proper physical and brain development for each child’s stage of growth.

Choices for Toddlers from 1-4 include a delicious pot roast which combines slow-braised beef, carrots, onions, and celery with a side of mashed cauliflower potatoes. Kids from 5-10 can experience food from another culture with Nurture Life’s mini pupusas—Central American flatbread made from corn masa stuffed with chicken and beans—paired with roasted corn and zucchini. Cold Lunches offer such yumminess as mini cheesy tortellini tossed in nut-free pesto (blended with spinach), served with grilled chicken breast slices and baby carrots. 

With Nurture Life, select meals from an age-appropriate menu. This kid-friendly meal service offers meals for babies, toddlers, kids 5-10 years, and kids 11 and up. Plus, you can add cold lunches or family-style meals!

Each week, you decide what goes in your order. If you don’t need meals every week, you can skip, pause, or cancel any time. Dinner time is easy with Nurture Life’s Heat & Eat Meals, which only require a couple of minutes in the microwave or oven. And their Cold Lunches are perfect for a lunch box or when you’re on the go. 

Nurture Life Pricing

Nurture Life meals are priced individually, with meals starting at:

  • $6.88 – Baby Stage 3
  • $7.99 – Toddler
  • $8.99 – Kid 5–10
  • $10.99 – Kid 11+
  • $9.99 – Family Meal Sides
  • $12.99 – Family Meal Mains
  • $7.99 – Cold Lunches

To reduce the environmental impact of each shipment, Nurture Life’s minimum order amount per box is $39 (before shipping), with an $8 shipping charge. The more you order, the better the deal. If your order is $59 or more, you’ll receive free shipping. Enjoy 5% off and free shipping with an order of $79 or 10% off and free shipping with a purchase of $99 or more.

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Nurture Life FAQ:

How much does Nurture Life cost?

Nuture Life offers plans for kids aged 10 months through 11+ years. The baby meal plan costs between $6.36-$6.88 per meal or $55.00-$89.00 per box. The toddler meal plan costs $8.90-$9.40 per meal or $47.00-$89.00 per box. Kids meal plans cost between $9.90-$11.40 per meal or $52.00-$109.00 per box.

Baby Meal Plan Pricing

For Ages 10+ Months - 1 cup per jar

Meals Per Week Price per Serving Price per Box
8 $6.88 $55.00
14 $6.36 $89.00

Toddler Meal Plan Pricing

For ages 1-4 years - 1 1/4 cups per meal

Meals Per Week Price per Serving Price per Box
5 $9.40 $47.00
10 $8.90 $89.00

Kids Meal Plan Pricing

For ages 5-10 years - 1 3/4 cups per meal

Meals Per Week Price per Serving Price per Box
5 $10.40 $52.00
10 $9.90 $99.00

For ages 11+ years - 2 1/2 cups per meal

Meals Per Week Price per Serving Price per Box
5 $11.40 $57.00
10 $10.90 $109.00

How many calories are in the typical Nurture Life meal?

The calories per meal depends on the meal plan:

  • Baby Menu - 100-200 calories
  • Toddler Menu - 100-400 calories
  • Kids Menu - 200-500 calories

How long does it take to cook a Nurture Life meal?

Nurture Life has both heat-and-eat meals and cold lunches. Heat-and-eat meals are ready in under three minutes, while lunches are ready to eat immediately.

When are Nurture Life meals delivered?

Delivery days depend on where you live. Find out which delivery days are available for your zipcode by contacting or calling 877.988.8851.

How much does shipping cost?

The shipping charge is $6 per meal plan. If you have two or more meal plans, the maximum shipping charge is $12.

Are there places where Nurture Life doesn't ship?

To find out if Nurture Life delivers to your address, enter your zip code here:

How do you skip a week of Nurture Life meals?

To skip a week, log-in to your Nurture Life account and navigate to My Meals. Select the week of Upcoming Meals that you’d like to skip and click on “Skip This Week.”

How do you cancel Nurture Life?

You can cancel your Nurture Life subscription, contact customer experience at or by calling 877.988.8851.

How do you contact Nurture Life?

Nuture Life customer service is available via phone or email, Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM CST.

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