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Ugly and imperfect produce, delivered to your door.

Love purchasing organic produce but can’t handle the sticker shock? Put down those overpriced pineapples and step away from the produce aisle. Now you can order amazing organic produce from the comfort of your home for up to 40% off traditional grocery store prices. Misfits Market rescues odd-looking fruits and vegetables that aren’t “pretty” enough for the store from the landfill. These completely edible and unspoiled “misfits” may look a little funny, but they still taste perfectly delicious. With a subscription, you’ll receive a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables sourced from certified organic farms from across the country. Eat them raw or use the contents of your box to create healthy, wholesome meals! 

Misfits Market Subscription Boxes & Pricing

Currently, Misfits Market offers two box sizes available for weekly or bi-weekly delivery: 

  • The Mischief ($22): Ideal for couples, this smaller box contains 10-13 lbs. of fruits and veggies. Expect a mix of approximately 12 different types of produce – from leafy greens and fruit to many popular varieties of vegetables. 
  • The Madness ($35): Perfect for larger families who like to cook, this larger box has 18-22 lbs. of organic produce and includes a mix of 14 various seasonal fruits and veggies.


Right now, you can’t choose what’s in your box, though plans are in the works to allow customers to customize their boxes in the future.

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Misfits Market FAQ:

How much does Misfits Market cost?

The Mischief Box costs $22 per delivery and the Madness Box costs $35 per delivery. Shipping is an additional $4.50 per box ($5.50 per box for deliveries in FL and TN).

Misfits Market Subscription Pricing

BoxSize in Lbs.CostPrice per Lb.
Mischief Box10-13 lbs.$22.00$1.69-$2.20/lb.
Madness Box18-22 lbs.$35.00$1.59-$1.94/lb.

When are Misfits Market meals delivered?

Misfits Market delivers Tuesday-Saturday, though delivery days may vary by zip code. You can select your preferred delivery day when you sign-up.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs a flat $4.50 per box. Note, shipping is $5.50 per box for customers in Florida and Tennessee.

Where does Misfits Market deliver?

Misfits Market currently ships to the following states: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia. The company is expanding its service area rapidly; if you don't see your state listed, you can sign up for the waitlist and receive a notification when shipping is available to your zip code.

How do you skip a week of Misfits Market meals?

To skip a delivery, log-in to your account and click "Manage Subscription". Click "Skip Delivery" next to any delivery you don't want to receive. You can also change your delivery frequency under "Switch Delivery Interval". Be sure to make any changes by the Saturday before the billing date for that box.

How do you cancel Misfits Market?

To cancel, log-in to your account and click "Manage Subscription," then click the "Cancel" button.

How do you contact Misfits Market?

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4 Misfits Market reviews

  1. JCH

    Wouldn't recommend

    I’ve been unable to cancel my membership and continue to get billed despite my attempts. I’ve had to throw out all the produce in 1 delivery because the all froze because the box was thrown in a snow bank. Also. All the avocados sent were bad and again I had to throw out. I now have to notify my bank so I can’t be billed moving forward. No emails in advance so I can make my own choices.


  2. Anonymous

    Good organic veggies and fruits

    First, I would not say that the food is UGLY, as this site describes. Sometimes things are bigger than usual, sometimes smaller, sometimes imperfect. I love that the veggies are organic and at a great price. I’ve had the meats and seafood that is sourced, not necessarily organic, and it’s excellent. They have added non-organic foods, foods in cans/boxes and that gives me other options. I’ve eaten veggies that I never ate before, same with seafood. All has been very good. if anything comes “too overly done” etc., take a picture, send it to them and get a credit. You can order every week, skip a week, or order just when you need. The later works great for single people. I wash and check the veggies/fruits I get for ripeness and cook what’s ready first.


  3. Asdis Skagen

    Missing/Incorrect Items

    I have ordered, and subsequently cancelled, services from this company twice over 2021-2022.

    I really like the idea of food delivery using items that would otherwise go to waste. In execution, though, this company fails to meet even minimal expectations for service.

    I will give a sampling of two of eight issues that occurred with with just my last 2 orders. For example, I ordered 2 pkgs (8 oz) Organic Valley Cheddar Cheese for over $10 and 2 pkgs (6 oz) Roth Cheddar Cheese for about $8. What I received was 4 pkgs of Roth Cheddar cheese, with no indication on my account that a substitute had been given, and no refund of the difference. Another example is my order of chicken broth – didn’t receive, didn’t get a refund, and there was no “substitution” of anything comparable.

    I wish I had checked with the BBB reviews before giving this company my money, as it has a horrible overall rating and the examples given above pale in comparison to some that were indicated on the BBB review site.


  4. Atlanta WS

    They constantly are changing my delivery date. It is extremely difficult to reach them and make changes on the website.
    Love the products … hate the constant delivery 📦 changes without any notification or ways to intercept and change an order until it is too late.