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Choose From: Ready-to-Blend Smoothies & Ready-to-Heat Soups

Whether you have a demanding work schedule or a hectic home life, Daily Harvest understands that sometimes you simply don’t have the time to prepare a healthy, home-cooked meal. Founder Rachel Drori had the vision to help busy people like herself have access to quick, nutritious meals on-the-go. This ingenious delivery service offers delicious ready-to-blend smoothies, ready-to-heat soups, oat bowls, chia bowls, and harvest bowls, as well as protein bites and lattes, for health nuts who don’t always have the time for meal prep. All-natural ingredients are picked at the peak of maturity to ensure maximum nutritional value, with no added sugar or preservatives. Choose from four different plans – 9, 14, or 24 items weekly, or delivery of 24 cups once-a-month.

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Daily Harvest FAQ:

How much does Daily Harvest cost?

The cost is $69.75 for 9 smoothies a week ($7.75 per smoothie), $89.88 for 12 smoothies a week ($7.49 per smoothie), or $167.76 for 24 smoothies a week ($6.99 per smoothie).

Plan Cost per Box Cost per Smoothie or Soup
9 Weekly $69.75 $7.75
12 Weekly $89.88 $7.49
24 Weekly $167.76 $6.99
24 Monthly $167.76 $6.99

How many calories are in the typical Daily Harvest meal?

Calories vary by cup but typically range between100-500 calories. For additional details, see below.

Smoothies: Most Daily Harvest smoothies are between 120 - 510 calories per cup (before adding your liquid of choice). If you're looking for higher calorie, workout recovery smoothies check out blends like the Cacao + Avocado Smoothie (510 calories) or the Chocolate + Hazelnut Smoothie (490 calories).

Harvest Bowls: The Harvest bowls range between 110 - 370 per bowl. On the lighter side, are options like Spinach + Shiitake Grits (140 calories) and Lentil + Tomato Bolognese (140 calories), but if you're looking to beef up, you might want to try heartier options like the Broccoli Rice + Dill Pilaf bowl (370 calories).

Soups: Most Daily Harvest soups are between 80 - 360 calories. Lighter options include Cauliflower + Leek Stew (80 calories) and Turmeric + Lemongrass Broth (110 calories). If you want something a little more filling, try the Green Chickpea + Kale Curry (360 calories).

Bites: These energy bites range between 80-130 calories per bite. With 7 bites per container, there are enough enjoy this little "pick-me-up" as a daily treat (or you could devour the entire cup of 560-910 calories in a single sitting).

Oat Bowls: If you're looking for a hearty breakfast option to start the day right, Daily Harvest's oat bowls are the way to go. Each bowl has two servings, but if you eat the bowl in its entirety (which, let's be honest, you likely will), it will be somewhere between 340-520 calories, plus the calories for your milk of choice. The lightest option is Mulberry + Dragon Fruit (340 calories), while the most calorie-dense option is Cinnamon + Banana (520 calories).

Chia Bowls: Like the Oat Bowls, the Chia bowls also have two servings per container. These bowls range between 380-560 calories in total. Factor in additional calories for your milk of choice. Try the decadent Chocolate + Almond (560 calories total) which tastes like a mousse (dessert for breakfast? yes, please!) or stick with the lighter, energizing Mango + Tumeric bowl (380 calories).

Lattes: Who doesn't love a mid-morning or post-lunch latte break? Each Daily Harvest latte cup comes with three latte pods that range between 80-160 calories per serving (add additional calories with your preferred liquid). The lightest option is Ginger + Turmeric (80 calories per serving), while the Coffee + Cardamom Latte is 160 calories.

How long does it take to cook a Daily Harvest meal?

All Daily Harvest cups come ready for fast and easy preparation, in under six minutes. Eating healthy meals and snacks on-the-go has never been more convenient!

To make Daily Harvest smoothies, you'll add liquid (like almond milk or coconut water), add everything to your blender, blend, then enjoy! This process should take 2-3 minutes tops.

Harvest bowls, soups, oat bowls, and chia bowls take anywhere between 3-6 minutes to heat up either on the stovetop or in the microwave.

Depending on whether you're looking to warm up or cool off, you can make your Daily Harvest lattes hot or iced. Hot lattes take just 1-2 to heat up, while the iced version takes just a couple of minutes to run through the blender.

Superfood bites are ready to eat immediately - no prep time required.

When are Daily Harvest meals delivered?

What day your Daily Harvest box arrives depends on your zip code. You can view shipping information at checkout.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE!

Where does Daily Harvest deliver?

Daily Harvest ships to 95% of addresses in the continental U.S. To see if they deliver to your zip code, click the "Get Started" button on the homepage and enter your zip code and email address.

How do you skip a week of Daily Harvest meals?

You must update your account delivery schedule by 6pm EST the Sunday before your box is set to ship. To skip a week, log-in to your account and go to the "Delivery Schedule."

How do you cancel Daily Harvest?

With Daily Harvest, you can cancel online in your account settings or also by sending an email to hello@daily-harvest.com. You can either pause your deliveries indefinitely or completely cancel your subscription. To do the former, log-in and navigate to "My Plan," then "Manage Plan." Under "Plan Status," click "Pause This Plan." To completely cancel, click "Edit Plan," and "Cancel My Plan" in the pop-up window.

How do you contact Daily Harvest?

The Daily Harvest team is available to answer your questions daily from 9 AM - 9 PM EST.
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37 Daily Harvest reviews

  1. Anonymous

    It’s basically 90$ per week just for the smoothies for only 12 ea.When you add the cost of food it’s outrageous.


  2. Kim white

    Just received my box. I’m starting with beets and wild rice , this is amazing! I can’t wait to try another.


  3. Ginger Cohen

    Perfect choice.

    Tomato-Zucchini Minestrone

    Perfect when you wake up hungry at 3:00 a.m., and just want something light before going back to bed. This was the perfect choice.


  4. Ginger Cohen

    Needs bigger bowl

    Cherry-Dark Chocolate Oat Bowl
    This was good, although a bit too heavy on the chocolate for me. However, in cooking it, the cereal spilled over the top of the bowl on to the microwave plate.


  5. Anonymous

    Horribly overpriced. Not worth even one third the cost.


  6. Anonymous



  7. Michelle F

    I’m starting my second month with Daily Harvest. In the past I’ve never cared for fruit and veggies drinks, like ‘Naked’. So I was extremely reluctant to place an order . Determined to eat better I went for it and I am so glad that I did!! I’m a picky eater but so far I haven’t had one thing that I didn’t like, the smoothies, oat bowls and soups were not just good but delicious. I also feel like my energy levels have increased as well as having better digestive system.
    I sought this review site out, something that I never do, just to spread the word! If you’re thinking about ordering healthy foods for delivery this is wonderful.
    I must add that I can’t get enough of the ‘ooe, gooey midnight fudge’ it’s a fudge ice cream but with no dairy.

    Michelle F


  8. Anonymous

    When can I get a simple spreadsheet listing costs of various items, boxes, etc … ? Nobody can honestly trust a company that refuses to make and distribute a cost list. We are not stupid, I know you have a detailed list of costs in order to do cost benefit analyses & bill your customers adequately. Until I and my colleagues & friends can receive those simple numbers, none of us will be willing to risk spending unknown $ to purchase things we aren’t sure about.
    – Amy


  9. Anonymous

    Americans must have LOST THEIR MINDS! Seriously who in their right mind would pay these prices? I could buy a months supply of products for the cost of 9 from this company! Basically what it comes down to is laziness! And I’m not lazy when it comes to my money! I’ll hit the grocery store and prepare meals all day long before I pay outrageous prices for someone to deliver it to me! And with the extra money I’ll save it or buy something I’ve been waiting to buy with the savings!


  10. Anonymous

    Came completely defrosted

    Came completely defrosted so disappointed dry ice bag empty done with this company


  11. Anonymous

    Not receiving order

    I ordered and the company took the money from my account but the order has not been delivered and if you go to their website there is no phone number or email to contact if you have issues.


  12. Anonymous

    Terrible, awful, dishonest, uncaring, avoid completely!

    Do not order from this business. Their customer service is non-existent, so your inevitable problem with them will go unheeded, unresolved. They are a dishonest company with a greedy company protocol for ordering items. Before you buy, go to their website, and just try an inquiry….., they have a seemingly no reply policy. Perhaps they are on the verge of going out of business? Better yet, just stay away from this business…… it’ll save a lot of grief. Terrible, as the heading says.


  13. Anonymous

    Way tooo expensive for one. It’s cheaper just to buy ingredient s and blend together yourself


  14. Anonymous

    is this the way they are supposed to be?!!

    I want to love and continue using daily harvest, but each box arrives with the dry ice melted and the items almost totally defrosted. I question whether they are safe to eat. But mostly, they are difficult to prepare. The ingredients in the smoothies are frozen into a solid block the size of the cup. I have to tear the cup off to get them out and then cut the block up with a knife in order to have smaller chunks to add to my blender. It is a real hassle.


  15. Linda Salley


  16. Anonymous

    Orders not complete and incorrect.

    The one star is not because of the quality of the product, I actually really enjoy the product that is if you ever receive what you actually order. My first 2 deliveries had all the items I had ordered, the next 3 only included 6 of the 15 items and the items were random. The customer service team did credit my account and assure me the next order would be correct which it wasn’t. Spoke to customer service again and we confirmed my order and address and again this week I only received a partial order and was charged for the complete order. VERY DISAPPOINTED as I really did feel the quality and flavor was great but will now cancel this service and look for an alternative.


  17. Regina

    Cure for the Common COVID 19

    My husband and I came down with COVID 19 15 days ago. We were feverish, chilled, and had no energy or appetite, but we knew we had to eat to get our strength back. One of my daughters ordered us soups and smoothies from Daily Harvest. They were a Godsend. My husband loves the smoothies and I love the soups. The vegetables in the soups are the perfect consistency, a little crunchy, not soggy, feels very fresh. Bot smoothies and soups are so easy to make, just add liquid to the cup and blend or cook. I don’t know what we would have done without this stuff. LOVE Daily Harvest!


  18. Pat

    Way too expensive! Cheaper to buy your own produce and make your own.


  19. Laura Shearer

    Poor customer service.

    I really liked the idea of Daily-Harvest and even liked the food enough to order it again. The BIG problem with this company is that the customer service is abysmal. I was going upstate for a week and needed to have my order sent to another address, but only for a specific period of time. I was very clear about the day I wanted the delivery and the address; but when I went to the website, I saw that it was being delivered on a day when I would not be able to receive the order 181. worth of perishable food. A big problem. I tried texting, emailing–no response. And there’s no phone number. What a disappointment.


  20. BFit2020

    I received my meal Jan 7th, I had a smoothie when it first arrived . I can’t drink cold beverage before workout it takes to long to drink. so I put hot water in it and made it like juice. It was DELICIOUS! that night I had a meal…..very good also!


  21. Kimberlee Aubrey

    Delicious and a great solution!

    This is my husband and my 5th week with the DH subscription. We first tried a combo of smoothies and bowls with a few oat bowls and soups. Although we enjoyed the smoothies and oat bowls very much, we realized that our issues were more around lunches/dinners and that making our own smoothies/oats was just as simple and more cost effective. We mixed both with almond or coconut milt and again i want to say that prepared like this, we LOVED THEM! So, now we only order bowls and soups and think they are DELICIOUS!!!! We add either water or veggie broth to them and i have sad many times that i cant believe how GOOD THEY TASTE!! They are very well seasoned and contain an AMAZING VARIETY of veg, nut, nutritional yeast, oils, etc. I love that they are mostly organic and full of whole foods. They are VERY EASY to make either on the stove, in the microwave, or my husband just adds hot water form the water cooler at his office. These have solved my problem of needing to grab quick lunches and dinners that are healthy and yummy! Some are very low calorie which is great for a light dinner but may not be enough for you if you are very hungry. They go great with toast or a sandwich, too! Overall, i think they are MAGICAL!!!!


  22. Jocelyn Corwin

    nasty food ..no contact phone info


  23. Allison

    Super convenient healthy food!

    I am enjoying Daily-Harvest so much that I now have two plans. I have a monthly plan and a weekly that I do skip some each month. The smoothies are great for breakfast and so quick to prepare. I use the harvest bowls and soups for lunch and dinner. With dinner I add a protein to make it more filling. Knowing these cups are in my freezer keeps me from stopping on the way home from work and getting something much less healthy. The cost is very reasonable when you consider that most ingredients are organic, already washed, chopped and portioned. And, there is no shipping charge! Please use code RE-424KKBV to get three free cups with your first order.


  24. Daniela chappell

    Have tried it for one week

    I am
    Trying it from my neighboor right now. I have been a vegetarian for 20 years and currently off sugar. These meals are PERFECT and taste soooo good! It’s hard to chop all of those vegetables to make soups and bowls. These are perfectly seasoned and healthy.
    If you are a clean eater off of sugar, these are perfect for you. I will be subscribing soon.


  25. cheryle

    Yummy on the smoothies

    I love the taste of real food in its natural state, so these are perfect! Easy to use, a little pricy for a weekly budget, but I only do it once a month.


  26. Allison

    Healthy food that tastes good!

    If you tried to buy the organic ingredients at the store and do all the chopping yourself, you would spend a lot more than the cost of Daily-Harvest. It is so convenient to have meals ready-to-go in the freezer! They use some seasonings and ingredients that I had never tried before but they are awesome. I like knowing that these cups are so good for me as well as easy to make. Some people insist you must have a Vitamix but I have used my Oster blender and it works just fine. Please use my code RE-424KKBV to get three free cups and give it a try.


  27. SunnyDays

    I'm eating healthy and not even mad about it.

    The best part of the DH membership is knowing you’ll be getting fresh ingredients in every cup you order. When you open the cup you can see whole fresh ingredients right there at the top. I dunno about you but I’m not gonna buy all these ingredients separately from a store to make a bowl or smoothie. You’re bound to have leftover this or that and I’m not about to store all that just to have it go bad in the fridge. I love having everything portioned out perfectly so nothing goes to waste. And it’s hand delivered to my door? Yes, Please !!


  28. Sarah

    Tasty, nutritious, satisfying, convenient, great ingredients, great customer service!

    I am loving Daily Harvest so much, I can hardly overstate my enthusiasm. First, let me say that I come from an extremely “foodie” family. And, from my point of view as someone raised with a great deal of pickiness and even, *gasp*, snobbery regarding flavor and quality of food, I am loving the flavors of every cup I’ve tried thus far. Sure, sometimes I add a bit of my sweetener of choice, (I have a bit more of a sweet tooth than is in my best interests). But other than that I haven’t yet felt like making any adaptations to the recipes at all, and I’ve enjoyed them so much more than I expected.
    Here are some of the unique features that I am finding so exciting:
    1) It is beyond simple to select for ingredients and priorities that you either want, or don’t want. Wow, that saves me a lot of time in selecting and ordering, which is a big deal for me — and, there are still so many lovely recipes to choose from, even after I have selected for my personal restrictions. In general, I found the website to be one of the most user-friendly and thoughtfully designed I’ve encountered.
    2) I love the high nutritional content and variety. I was seeking just such a service to help me eat better when I am under too much time pressure to prepare the variety of healthy (and tasty) foods that I need, in order to maintain my health and keep going under pressure. I love that Daily Harvest does such a great job of providing me with a variety of fresh foods, (yes, frozen — but oh my gosh, so obviously fresh-frozen for real), with great variety, color, and nutritional benefits.
    3) You can’t beat the price. This matters to me — despite working as hard as I can, running my own small business, I am not wealthy. Price matters, when you’re on a budget, and I still can’t believe that I’ve found a source like Daily Harvest, which meets my high standards and is also within my limited budget. Thank you, Daily Harvest!
    4) They are sincere about their environmental impacts. I had/have a question about the packaging, and I received the most open, interested, sincere response I could have asked for. (And Elena, the rep. I chatted with, is taking it another step further in researching my question, as well! Talk about sincerity, and “walking the walk”!)
    5) I love the full disclosure and easy access to information re: ingredients and nutritional breakdowns.
    6) OMG, it’s so easy and quick, to prepare these meals! When I need a service like this, it’s because I’m under time pressure. To be able to have meals that taste great, are nutritionally power-packed, and leave me feeling satisfied and energetic, in a matter of a few minutes, is a real blessing.
    7) They use a high percentage of organic ingredients. The more organics, the better, as far as I’m concerned — not only for my own health, but for future generations, organics are a super high priority.
    8) Their customer service has been great. (Yes, you, Elena!) And, in general, they are really designed to be customer-friendly.

    Oh — I almost forgot. I see that some other reviewers who apparently don’t appreciate the fresh flavors of Daily Harvest and have expressed suspicions that those who feel differently must “work for the company”. So, for the record, I don’t work for Daily Harvest in any capacity, nor know anyone who works for them. I’m just a busy, hard-working individual who is excited about this wonderful resource!


  29. tiffany

    very good for quick easy meals

    I have used daily harvest for one year and I ,love them bu toi only order two flavors the cold brew and the mint and cacao.. I use vanilla almond milk and a bit of non dairy vanilla creamer to sweeten and they are perfect,, it works for me .. very happy customer


  30. Tatiana Pfalz

    Quick and Clean Eating

    [Before I begin, I was not paid to write this] This is by my free will after seeing the negative reviews. I’m teased by family for sounding like a spokesperson when I like something

    Ideal for..
    •Busy/on-the-go individuals
    •People who have eaten healthy or clean for some time
    •As snacks or meal supplements when cooking isn’t possible
    •People interested in clean eating
    *You can add salt/spice/meat to the soups/harvest bowls and syrup/extra produce/toppings to the smoothies to your liking. You don’t have to eat it as it is!

    Why I Started DH-
    I am a busy 20 year old girl. I can’t easily make time to prep healthy meals during the week before school, work and late in the evening after shifts. I used to consume mainly clean steel cut oatmeal, green smoothies, eggs and chicken with supplements like protein powder and coconut oil. It requires frequent shopping, time and effort. Extremely healthy but so boring.

    I wanted to give Daily Harvest a try to take a break from this boring food rotation for a few weeks. I saw it on Instagram and I’m a smoothie fanatic (I used to make 1-4 smoothies a day). Daily Harvest tastes amazing to my starved tastebuds.

    On Complaints about Flavor and Appearance-
    I believe that it is a nice supplement to healthy eating- not a replacement. The complaints about lack of flavor and dull appearance are because their food is extremely clean. They are not putting salt, sugar, tons of banana (or syrup, honey, stevia etc) and additional unhealthy things in large doses to make it taste better. We are so used to extremes amounts of salt, spices and fats added to our food to make them taste better. It’s a common practice at restaurants and fast food places.

    Quick to Make, Flexible-
    It is insanely quick to make and clean eating. It takes me 2 minutes top to make. You put the contents in the microwave or blender with liquid added, let it do it’s thing and the cup is made so that you can put the contents back into the cup for on the go. The lid has an x hole for a straw.

    I consider each cup to be 1 serving.

    Didn’t Like It? Edit it Out of Your Next Order-
    I didn’t like the Apple Greens Smoothie so I’m editing it out of my next order. You can pause deliveries or change your box size. If you’re having problems with DH, you can schedule a call with them. I had a shipping issue so I scheduled a call with them and they called me on time. Hope this helps!


  31. Carmen


    This is the first meal plan I’ve ever tried. I am by no means a health food eater. I come from a family that eats meat at every meal and desserts every night. As I have aged, I’ve felt worse and worse about my diet, and have tried repeatedly to change it. I have been thrilled with Daily Harvest. I’m so surprised to hear people say the food isn’t tasty. I sure think it is. And this is not the kind of food I eat at home. At work, it is so simple to pop the soups and bowls in the microwave and heave a healthy meal in four minutes! Someone never fails to say “what is that? it smells so good!” The morning bowls of overnight oats keep me stuffed! It’s only been a couple weeks, but I hope I can keep going for months and months like this. I’ve never felt better! Thank you!


  32. Ana

    Daily Harvest Does Not Care

    1) They have an enticing campaign with pictures that make you believe the smoothies are going to taste great. They say that they do not taste like tree bark. Guess what? They do. I am someone who NEVER uses sugar in her smoothies, tea or even coffee, so when I read Eric’s review above, I am quick to believe he works for the company. I tried adding sugar, sweetener, milk, almond milk, everything! It tastes like, you guess it, tree bark. I recommend going to your local Whole Foods and buying $48 worth of fruit and veggies and making your own.
    2) Their Saturday cutoff time gives a first time customer enough time to taste 2 smoothies (less than 50{2646a176311491570739a13dd319592155ac9cdba4632368aea58c38c45c78aa} of the shipment) before they cancel their order. That is hardly enough time to make a decision on whether or not to continue with the service.
    3) I was in bed, unable to walk, so much so I needed help doing very basic things. You can imagine that due to the pain I was in, a Daily Harvest subscription was the last thing on my mind. I offered to give them a doctor’s note detailing the issue, but they didn’t care. They refused to refund money to someone who was unable to work (thus not making any money to pay for their expensive smoothies), but mostly someone who was unable to WALK or MOVE. Clearly, these are extenuating circumstances and all other services I used completely understood and worked with me to take care of it, but not Daily Harvest. They only care about keeping their money regardless of customer satisfaction or customer illness.



  33. Jennifer

    Enjoy these smoothies

    I ordered this to get more fruits and vegetables in my diet. So far, so good. I make the milk based ones with flax milk and the water based ones with flavored protein water. I have tried all the smoothies. Do they taste amazing? No. Are they edible? Absolutely! Some are better than others. I add extra liquid base and my teen drinks what doesn’t fit in the cup.

    These have helped with my overall health and stomach issues. I have felt a lot better since I started the program. They are also quite filling.

    I would recommend if you know that you won’t be drinking a milkshake and are okay with that and are looking to add healthy food into your day.


  34. Eric

    So, the above reviewers apparently, for one, don’t read because it clearly states the subscription, and it parameters, for which one signs up for, and, two, don’t seem to realize that these aren’t loaded with sugars, or other bad ingredients, that make food “tasty”. They do a great job combining the right ingredients and have a range of items from more “earthy” tasting, to more “sweet”. If you need it sweeter, use a sweetened almond milk option. Don’t dog on this product because you have been showered with sugary products your entire life and wanting to now make a change in your diet. You have to essentially train your pallet and wean it off of that unhealthy yumminess. Give them a shot, totally recommended. I love the Pinapple Matcha. That one is amazing!!! The mint cacao one tastes like a healthier thin-mint girl scout cookie. Who doesn’t love those? Those reviewers above are just sad. Take your $48 and go buy your produce. Make sure you buy a freezer and a pantry too so that they can be kept fresh. I also recommend a Vitamix if you are going to go that route… have fun with that. I’m paying for simplicity, convenience, and to not have to worry about the grocery store not having what I want to use, especially fresh.


  35. Daniela Weiner


    I tried this service in September 2017 and was not impressed (I still have 4 out of 6 smoothies in my freezer… that says it all). Now, 7 weeks later, I find a $48 charge on my Credit Card because apparently I did not cancel my subscription correctly and without a fair warning to cancel or skip the shipment they send you a box. I talked to their customer service who sadly has no interest in making things right. They said it’s impossible to stop a shipment or refund me. I do not recommend this service at all – for $48 I can buy a LOT of produce and vegetables at my local farmers market and make better smoothies.


  36. Jill White

    Not Tasty

    I was hoping that these would help me to get the nutrition I need with a taste that was good! They are very quick to make, but they taste terrible. I can’t even choke them down. I am disappointed for sure as I was hoping for a good way to get additional fruits and vegetables into my diet. I would not recommend this to family or friends.


  37. William

    Pictures Make It Look Better Than It Actually Tastes

    Having tried almost 10 different meal kit plans so far, I was looking forward to Daily Harvest. We already incorporate smoothies into our regular diet, and the pictures make Daily Harvest look so appetizing. We wanted a diverse sampling of their many different options, so we ordered a box with smoothies (power & regular), soups, overnight oats, and parfaits. Having now tried them all, I can say that I was unfortunately very disappointed with each of the options. Let me be clear; I am not a super-food health nut. I tend to prefer strawberry banana smoothies (boring I know!) to acai kale super-food healthy. That said, I still think there are so many options available that have extremely healthy choices that also taste extremely delicious. I know that the food I consumed from DH was full of extremely healthy anti-oxidants, but it also tasted really healthy… and not in a good way. One other thing to note is that all the options cost the same, yet have extremely different ranges of calories. The smoothies having only 140 calories cost the same as the overnight oats packed with 600+ calories. If you’re looking to make this an actual “meal”, then double-check the calorie count before ordering.


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