Top 5 Vegan Meal Delivery Services

Committing to a vegan lifestyle is a real challenge, but these 5 vegan meal delivery services make staying on course a lot easier. Read on to find out which service is the best fit for you!

Food industry analyst Technomic estimated a $5 billion growth in the U.S. meal kit market over the next 10 years. It’s easy to see why. Meal delivery services are convenient, and vegan meal services counter the ubiquity of fast food restaurants. Vegan diets have been proven to lower stress levels, boost weight loss efforts, and decrease your chances of getting cancer. Now, it’s impossible to make excuses for eating healthier when delicious vegan meal plans are delivered to your doorstep every week. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vegan, explore these five delivery services that are taking the food world by storm.

1. Vegin’ Out

This Los Angeles-based service provides nine vegan meals a week, delivered right to your home or office every Monday. Each box is packed with goodies: three entrees, four sides, one 32-ounce soup, and five vegan cookies. You can even customize your order to account for allergies or a gluten-free diet. A five-year veteran in the food delivery business, Vegin’ Out delivers to all of southern California and ships nationwide. They craft comprehensive meal plans with 75{2646a176311491570739a13dd319592155ac9cdba4632368aea58c38c45c78aa} organic, 100{2646a176311491570739a13dd319592155ac9cdba4632368aea58c38c45c78aa} vegan ingredients.

2. Purple Carrot

Vegan meals are anything but boring, and meal services should reflect that. Purple Carrot food delivery experiments with different cuisines, supplying you with interesting plant-based meals every week. The service, which ships out of California and New York, offers meal plans tailored for singles and families.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a fan of the vegan lifestyle. His fitness brand, TB12, teamed up with Purple Carrot to design vegan meal plans for performance athletes based on Brady’s own diet.

3. 22 Days Nutrition

The name of this service comes from a piece of common wisdom: it takes 21 days to create a habit. Physiologist Marco Borges was made famous by getting Beyoncé on board with veganism, and he wants to help you, too. He designs meals to suit your self-transformation goals: weight loss, wellness, and clean eating.

With 22 Days Nutrition, you can choose a 5-, 7-, or 22-day plan. And if you prefer to sample the meals before committing, create your own menu with the “A La Carte” option. This meal subscription service uses organic, gluten-free, soy-free ingredients.

4. The Vegan Garden

From protein-rich feasts to slimming meals to vegan “starter packs,” the Vegan Garden has everything covered. They ease new vegans into the lifestyle with The Pioneer Meal Deal, a hearty 7-day plan that includes soups, pasta dishes, and desserts. All meals come readymade and ready to heat-and-eat.

5. Lighter

Lighter is more than just a food delivery service. It’s a network of people committed to building a healthier future through plant-based nutrition. Founders Micah Risk and Alexis Fox connected with chefs, athletes, and parents worldwide to realize their vision. With Lighter, you design your own menu, get personalized recommendations, and order vegan groceries all from the comfort of your home. Lighter’s Empowered Membership option unlocks serving size adjustments, helpful cooking videos, and in-depth nutritional analysis. The Elevated Membership offers unlimited kitchen guidance and invaluable one-on-one sessions with a member of the Lighter team.


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